Physically Disable Students of Wales Using Eye-Gaze Technology to Give Views

Eye-Gaze Technology

In Wales, the children’s commissioner addressed the issue of the disabled to Leigh Wharton, and she launched eye-gazing technology for students who are physically disabled. She addressed the issue with a great solution because when she moved to the country, and smelled vanilla and unknowingly linked with Ms Cifuentes’ from Chilean through her drawing and the Chilean flag.

While talking with one of the school teachers Leigh Wharton with her, she addressed the issue, and Wharton emphasizes the learning of disabled students at schools through technology.

Meanwhile, the commissioner said the software would allow the students to use their eyes to give an opinion about the essential aspects of their life.

Eyegaze Edge technology uses the camera to track the eye reactions of the students. In the software, the students did not need to answer verbally; they could look at the mentioned symbols through which others could understand what they wanted to say.

Ms Wharton said, “Technology means everything to child and their families because it helps them realize that their opinions have been heard.”

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