Personalized Learning: What Goes Around Comes Around

Personalized Learning

Specialised Learning Made Easy

An individual starts learning from birth. This process starts with crawling, walking, and speaking; post that, the next step is to get admitted to a school to learn and build a strong knowledge base.

But do you think learning is limited to books? It is a general belief that books are the only thing we need to learn, but that’s not true as knowledge is not limited to books or schooling. For Instance, an educated person might not cook tasty food like the chef of any restaurant. So, the educated one needs to visit the restaurant to enjoy the cuisine made by the chef.

Likewise, as education is not a one-size-fits-all approach, the need for innated skills or abilities has given rise to personalized learning. In the education sector, personalized learning is the path for the students to gain unique learning experiences of their specific strengths, interests, and passion.

Earlier in India, people did not know personalized learning, so they focused on academic education rather than building up their congenital skills. But as time changes, people explore new things, learn their interpersonal skills, and achieve success.

What Is Personalized Learning?

Learning is a flowing activity; no student learns the same concept with the same approach. Personalized learning is how each student meets their own desires and interests.

Personalized learning cites the divergent array of educational programs, learning memoirs, and academic strategies to address individual students’ learning needs, interests, ambitions, and many more.

It is a distinctive approach from the inclusive one-size-fits-all classroom model that teaches a standard curriculum to all students with a bit of a distinct approach.

In short, personalized learning is customized according to the student’s preferences and is specifically designed and implemented for K-12-level schools.

There is a term, zone of proximal development, which means the student can differentiate between what they can do without taking help and what things require assistance from a skilled person.

Personalized learning is widely used by online schools and companies selling online learning programs, which ultimately help the students be entitled to take the freehold of their classroom experiences to plan their future to attain the goal of personalized learning.

Reasons to Devote to Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is not a great invention but is simply learning about your interest area, passion, and dream. It helps boost the student’s interpersonal skills and other sets of skills, which is beneficial for the students. Here are few of the reasons why educators should adopt Personalized Learning.

Enhancing the Productivity

Personalized learning helps the teachers to understand the students’ needs and desires. It also increases learning productivity, as teachers focus on the content required for students.

Extensive Students Engagement

It has been observed that personalized learning addresses the extensive engagement of students in education, which drives a high level of intrinsic motivation and prevents distractions from the learning content.

It Authorizes the Students to Raise Their Voices for Their Choice

Personalized learning gives the authority to students to choose their preferences and take responsibility for their choices and gradually strengthens them to speak up for their passion, interest, dreams, and much more. It makes them confident enough to succeed in what field they are interested in.

How does the personalized learning concept work?

The centers of personalized learning connect the learner’s previous knowledge, experiences, and abilities with the inclusive training content associated with the new information and understanding of the requirement of the latest technology.

For Instance, an instructor provides valuable content in an appropriate context so that the learner can understand it easily and quickly.

The content can be in any form, viz video, text, or an interactive game; through this instructor receive an idea about the learner’s understanding level, and according to that, the instructor prepares their teaching material that can be easily accessible to the students.

The personalized learning centers or organizations need to design a digital infrastructure for the students’ better understanding and make learning cost-effective. The organization needs to use different digital platforms that include communication channels (Slack), Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies (Machine Learning and Automation), mobile technology, data analysis, different learning platform, and much more.

Wrap Up

Technology is helping people to perform their tasks effectively. If we predict the world’s future, it is believed that it will fully function on technology. Like any other sector, the education system is influenced by technology and inculcates the technological know-how in order to make education easier for the students.

As personalized learning also uses technology to make learning more personalized and handier. The students can refer to the teaching as per their choices and focuses entirely on their preferences. The main motive is to make the students successful in their interests, strengths, and ambitions. So, are you learning the things which you are interested to learn?

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