New VR Education Metaverse for Students age 13 and Above: Meta


The University of Glasgow, Stanford University, and New Mexico State currently using Quest headgear for teaching purposes. The massive social networking company Meta revealed on April 15 that it is bringing its enterprise-level Quest services into the education sector. As per Statista, the Quest virtual reality (VR) headsets manufactured by the business are “by far the most popular extended reality (XR) headsets on the market.” The sector is expected to have more than 34 million installed units by the end of 2024.

Should that prediction materialize, the virtual reality market would have expanded at a compound annual growth rate of about 27.3% from 2020, when Statista projects that 14.2 million VR headsets will be installed globally.

In an effort to maintain its top spot in the enterprise metaverse market, Meta has released a multitude of services and solutions. As Cointelegraph recently highlighted, the shift showed a move away from personalized user experiences like games and unique immersive surroundings. In the latter phase of this pivot, there appears to be a greater push for educational goods and services.

“In the coming months,” the new product will be shown; a full launch is planned for the end of 2024. According to the blog post, it will be available in the Quest for Business market, which includes most of Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and America.

Meta gave several examples of educational institutions that are already using Quest headsets: the life sciences course at the University of Glasgow immerses students in the human body; the criminal justice course at New Mexico State places users in a virtual crime scene; and the business course at Stanford University assists students with interview preparation.

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