New Strategic Roadmap for Canada’s International Education Sector

International Education
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In response to the evolving landscape of international education, Canadian stakeholders have outlined a strategic roadmap aimed at fostering a more responsible and sustainable international education sector within the country. This initiative underscores the collective efforts of key players in the field to shape the future trajectory of Canada’s global education offerings.

The stakeholders advocate for a comprehensive “whole-of-government” strategy that spans federal and provincial levels. This approach is designed to guide decision-making processes regarding the objectives, targets, and priorities of the international education sector. By fostering collaboration across governmental bodies, a cohesive framework can be established to drive the sector’s growth and development.

A crucial aspect of the proposed strategy is the establishment of a platform for ongoing multi-sectoral dialogue. This forum aims to create a stable and predictable environment for policy formulation and planning in international education. By facilitating transparent discussions and fostering consensus among diverse stakeholders, the sector can adapt to changing dynamics and ensure sustainable growth.

The recent National Dialogue session organized by the Canadian Bureau for International Education brought together over 225 participants representing various facets of Canada’s international education community. This inclusive gathering included senior officials, educational leaders, business associations, researchers, student representatives, and international students. The dialogue emphasized the need for continuous engagement and collaboration to drive positive change within the sector.

As the sector moves forward, CBIE is committed to sharing the key recommendations from the National Dialogue with governmental bodies, participants, and stakeholders. The focus remains on fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for international students while upholding the integrity of the EduCanada brand. By collectively embracing their roles, stakeholders aim to position Canada as a principled leader and a premier destination for global talent in the long term.

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