New Migration Service Initiated to Help Canadian International Students

Migration Service

IDP Education Limited, well-known international education organization is announcing a new partnership that will support international students in Canada in getting access to licensed and reliable immigration advice.

Leading immigration consultants and lawyers, WooW Canada Immigration and VisaPlace will be delivering the service to help international students in understanding the requirements and organize applications for permanent residency along with other VISA categories.

Robert Raposo, IDP Area Director, Canada and Latin America, stated that the new service is launching with regards to the feedback from the international students along with the need identified for trusted and qualified advisors.

WooW Canada Migration and VisaPlace are highly trusted expert organizations as lawyers and consultants, IDP has partnered with in this new service. As several students undertake their life-changing journey, the worry on how to correctly navigate the process adds to their anxiety.”

VisaPlace and WooW will also present free webinars and briefings so our customers can fully understand the immigration process and take their next steps with confidence and clarity,” Robert added.

The new immigration service is seen as Canada’s charisma as a preferred study destination continues to rise. Research from IDP Connect in October 2022 revealed that Canada has emerged as the most popular destination for the international students.

Adding further Robert mentioned, “All around the world, the IDP students choose to study in Canada for its welcoming policies, quality of education, and favourable employment outcomes.”

Founded in 1969, IDP Education Limited is an international education organisation, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, offers international student placements in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, USA and the UK. IDP Education has a strong network of 100 offices across 31 countries managed by 550 counsellors.