New Avenues Illuminated by Spark Education for Under-privileged Learners

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Spark Education Group (Spark Education), a leading provider of small-group online K-12 education classes, has unveiled its latest initiative, Spark A Future, in partnership with SG Cares Volunteer Centre @Pasir Ris and Social Service Office @ Pasir Ris and Punggol, as a component of the ComLink+ program. This endeavor, launched in January 2024, aims to aid students residing in public rental housing by providing them with access to e-learning opportunities, thereby empowering underprivileged children to unlock a world of knowledge.

Xiaonan Wang, General Manager, SEA, and co-founder of Spark Education, expressed, “At Spark, our mission is to enlighten others. We aspire for every child who joins Spark to discover their passion for e-learning and embark on a lifelong journey of growth with us. We celebrate each milestone of progress alongside their parents. As an organization dedicated to enriching learning experiences for every child, Spark A Future strives to enhance access to quality math education for all students through our flagship Spark Math program.”

Anthony Chng, Director of Enterprise at CARE Singapore, shared his heartfelt sentiments on the initiative, stating, “The well-being of our youth has always been a priority for CARE Singapore. Through our SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Pasir Ris, we are thrilled to collaborate with Spark Education Group on Spark A Future. We firmly believe that this initiative will provide crucial support to students and inspire other corporations to join us in nurturing our shared community.”

Spark A Future aims to support up to 10 students, spanning from Primary 3 to 5, by not only enhancing their academic performance but also cultivating their confidence in tackling challenging math problems and fostering a positive attitude towards the subject. With interactive learning at its core, Spark Math employs animated and gamified courseware, as well as interactive screens that allow students to engage with objects, draw, and more, ensuring their sustained engagement.

Comprising a dedicated team of educators, Spark Education collaborates closely with a group of NIE-trained instructors to ensure alignment between the Spark Math curriculum and the MOE syllabus. This award-winning program incorporates the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) and Understand, Decide, Solve, and Check (UDSC) approach to empower children to independently solve math problems. By combining established methods of math instruction with interactive technology, the Spark Math pedagogy equips children with numeracy skills, enables them to master heuristic strategies, and enables them to excel in math assessments.

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