National Civic Service To Made Compulsory by French Education Board

French Education Board
National Civic Service To Made Compulsory by French Education Board

According to a document from French Education ministry, the national service program (that replaced France’s military service) could steadily be made compulsory from 24th September.

The national Universel Service(SNU) that was introduced on voluntary basis in 2019, offers the youngsters in the age group of 15-17 the opportunity to participate in free open programme involving intellectual, sports and cultural activities.

The National civic service program is set on the objectives of strengthening nation’s resilience in developing social cohesion, and promoting a culture of engagement.

Consisting of three phases, the first phase has a mandatory 12-day stay-in program organized outside the region of residence or the department of that young individual. The second phase includes civic service with the army reserves or in the community. The second phase consists of minimum 84 hours to be completed within an year of phase one and outside the school time. The third phase of the program is optional extension of the individual’s voluntary engagement with the community of government structure for a minimum of three months to their 25 years. The work is remunerated in certain cases.

A working document from the ministry has stated that the education minister Pap Ndiaye would like to make the SNU compulsory from September 2024 in six departments before expanding the experiment.

Taking place between the school time, a typical day begins at 6.30am and ends at 10.30pm. The structure doesn’t offer any choice for where and when the students will complete their programme, however they can postpone it in cases of utmost necessities. A uniform will be provided, and the use of mobile phones will be prohibited during the day.

The ministry text said, “Republican rituals (Raising the flag, singing the national anthem) are an integral part and give framework to each day.”

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