Namaste Yoga Classes: Nurturing a Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

Namaste Yoga Classes
Namaste Yoga Classes

Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it’s a way of life that has been practised for thousands of years. The ancient practice has made a massive impact on the world, with millions of people embracing its teachings to promote their overall health and well-being.

Yoga classes have become an essential part of the lives of many individuals, providing them with a sanctuary of calmness in the midst of chaos. The influence of yoga on modern society is undeniable, as it continues to transform people’s lives by promoting self-awareness, mindfulness, and inner peace. In a world where stress and anxiety have become the norm, yoga classes offer refuge to those seeking a path to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Namaste Yoga Classes is one such renowned yoga institute that offers a diverse range of yoga programs, meditation practices and much more to promote a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Since its inception, Namaste Yoga Classes has been committed to providing its students with personalized attention and expert guidance to help them improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Led by the passionate and experienced Founder and Proprietor, Mrs Amisha Shah, Namaste Yoga Classes aims to create a safe and inclusive space for yoginis to explore their potential and achieve their wellness goals.

It also wants to keep educating people about the various types of Yoga and exercise across the globe for free, and Namaste Yoga Classes have managed to do so with its social media pages. As a result, today, the classes have a huge following on various social media pages where the trainers regularly interact with followers and spread the word about Yoga and fitness. Namaste Yoga Classes have over 51,000 followers on Facebook, 31,400 followers on Instagram and over 31,900 subscribers on YouTube – amassing to a total of over 1,14,000 FOLLOWERS whose life it keeps impacting on a regular basis!

The Inspiring Journey

Amisha Shah’s journey as a yoga trainer began in India in 2009 when she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, an illness that left her feeling weak and overweight. After completing her treatment, she was recommended to try Yoga, which significantly impacted her overall well-being. Inspired by the transformative power of yoga, Amisha pursued a Teacher Training Course at The Yoga Institute in Santacruz in 2013.

As she continued to practice and share the benefits of yoga with her friends, Amisha recognized the need for more women to have access to physical and mental wellness resources. In July 2013, she founded Namaste Yoga Classes, a ladies-only fitness and wellness studio. Amisha has helped thousands of women achieve their fitness goals and find mental wellness through her classes.

Namaste Yoga Classes offers a variety of workouts that combine different styles of yoga, including Power Yoga, as well as cardio exercises, props like dumbbells and resistance tubes, Pranayamas, and meditation. Amisha’s passion for yoga and her commitment to helping others has positively impacted the lives of many women who have attended her classes.

Empowering Women through Yoga

Namaste Yoga Classes has the vision to create a safe and welcoming space for women to exercise and connect with like-minded individuals. With a mission to provide high-quality yoga classes that cater to the unique needs of each customer, the institute’s core values revolve around creating a friendly and respectful environment that fosters personal growth and development.

The institute prides itself on its ladies-only classes, where yoginis can exercise without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious. The team goes above and beyond to ensure that every yogini feels at ease and receives personalized attention to meet their individual needs. The sessions are conducted in small groups of 12-15 ladies, with each class lasting one hour to ensure that the customers make the most out of their time.

The institute’s ultimate goal is to provide an environment where every woman can achieve her fitness goals. The team’s friendly but respectful nature ensures every practitioner feels motivated and supported to return and get the desired results.

Elevating Experience

In order to enhance the learning experience of their students, Namaste Yoga Classes has introduced various practices and academic initiatives that go beyond traditional yoga classes. While yoga, power yoga, pranayamas, and meditation remained at the core of its teachings, Namaste Yoga Classes incorporated exercises using props such as gym balls, dumbbells, and resistance tubes and incorporated yoga dance and aerial yoga.

Despite these innovative approaches, the classes encountered challenges along the way, the biggest being the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the globe for almost two years. With outdoor activities and businesses shut down, Namaste Yoga Classes had to adapt to the new normal and find ways to continue delivering high-quality yoga classes. As a solution, it began offering online yoga classes, which have proven successful in reaching customers from all over the world and delivering sessions at their convenience. Through these efforts, Namaste Yoga Classes has become an outstanding figure in the yoga community, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional teachings and adapting to the changing world.

Nurturing Mind, Body, and Soul Top of Form

Namaste Yoga Classes provide various special programs aimed at the holistic personality growth of their students. In addition to regular sessions, the studio hosts workshops covering remedies for various bodily problems and unique topics such as hair loss, facial yoga, and trataka, open to regular customers and new joiners alike.

Through its teachings, Namaste Yoga Classes bring about positive changes in the lives of the students. Regular practitioners have reported weight loss, body toning, reduction in joint pain, lower back pain, sciatica pain, control in diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, and relief from stress, anxiety, arthritis, and other bone-related problems.

Amisha Shah believes that yoga helps prepare students for future challenges by improving mental well-being. Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, centres attention, sharpens concentration, and helps one face any future challenges. Through these initiatives, Amisha with Namaste Yoga Classes aims to provide the students with the tools necessary for a balanced and healthy life.

Beyond Yoga

The institute boasts an impressive array of notable achievements, accolades, accreditations, and awards. Over 2000 women have been trained at the studio. Additionally, Namaste Yoga Classes has been invited by various institutes to teach and spread the goodness of Yoga at large-scale social as well as corporate events, including Dalmia Cement, RED FM 93.5, The Rotary Club, VSICS, Torrent Pharma, FOGSI, Brahma Kumaris, and more. Namaste Yoga Classes also hosts its event on International Day of Yoga, attracting over 100 customers from all over Mumbai.

Namaste Yoga Classes has also been featured prominently in various publications such as Forbes India, The Cosmopolitan Magazine, Live Mint, The Indian Express, and ‘Pratigya’ Talk Show on EPIC national TV. It has also received numerous awards, including Most Promising Yoga Classes in Mumbai in August 2018 from the hands of the then Minister of State of Heavy Industries, Shri Babul Supriyo and Member of Parliament, Shri Manoj Tiwari, Best Yoga Classes in Mumbai in January 2019 from the hands of the then Member of Parliament, Mrs Poonam Dhillon- President BJP (Delhi), Best Emerging Women Entrepreneur in Mumbai in September 2019 from the hands of Bollywood actress, Ms Preity Zinta and outstanding contribution in promotion and development in yoga in August 2022 from the hands of yoga diva, Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

The Promising Future Top of Form

Namaste Yoga Classes envisions a bright future for Yoga in the country. Amisha Shah believes that Yoga is one of the best ways to improve physical and mental health and that its benefits and healing powers have made it a global phenomenon. She hopes to see Yoga become a part of every household in India and see more people benefit from its healing powers, especially those who have gone through severe illnesses. She also hopes that more people will practice Yoga pre-emptively to avoid these illnesses. Amisha predicts that Yoga will become even more popular in the future and will be used in conjunction with modern medicine and fitness.Top of Form

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