Nahdet Misr Unveils Ta’ahil the International Vocational Academy Investing in Education with EdVentures

Nahdet Misr
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According to Chairperson and CEO Dalia Ibrahim’s statement to Daily News Egypt, Nahdet Misr Group has established the International Vocational Education Academy “Ta’ahil” in partnership with the government with the goal of offering top-notch vocational education that is adapted to the demands of the labor market. The organization runs five applied technology schools at the moment and plans to open 25 “pre-school education” nurseries in the following 24 months. It also aims to penetrate the African market by providing educational services.

Furthermore, the “EdVentures” venture capital fund demonstrates a strong commitment to helping educational technology firms. Its portfolio’s companies have a combined market worth of $150 million, and it intends to invest in five to seven of them each year. Ibrahim, the creator of EdVentures, emphasizes how important it is for entrepreneurs to succeed to have self-improvement, tenacity, resilience in the face of adversity, and skill acquisition.

These projects demonstrate the Nahdet Misr Group’s and EdVentures fund’s dedication to improving education in Egypt by supporting educational technology firms and investing in creative educational initiatives. Both organizations hope that by supporting these projects, they would help Egypt’s education system grow and improve, which is in line with the country’s larger objectives of social and economic growth.

The new initiative of modern education is expected to usher a change of education pattern and bringing in the new approach that will foster active learning and better understanding in the students.

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