Murphy Announces New Jersey State Board of Education Nominations


Governor Phil Murphy on September 29th, announced his appointments to the New Jersey State Board of Education, nominating Mary Bennett, Dr. Kwanghee Jung, and Dr. Claudine Keenan. These nominees will be approved by the Senate before an appointment.

The State Board of Education has adopted the education administration code, which establishes rules to carry out state education legislation. These rules control the supervision and administration of the state’s 2,500 public schools that serve roughly 1.4 million students. Furthermore, the State Board of education advises the Commissioner on educational policies recommended by the Commissioner and confirms the Commissioner’s Department of Education personnel appointments.

Dr. Claudine Keenan has served as Stockton’s Dean of Education.

She has worked at the University for over ten years, overseeing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs for over 1000 students. Dr. Keenan formerly served as the Chief Planning and Budget Officer at Stockton University, where she was in charge of institutional research, evaluation, and accreditation.

Dr. Keenan was previously the Director of Academic Programs at Marlboro College Graduate School in Brattleboro, Vermont, where she established and oversaw programs in leadership and education using online technology.

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