Ms Margaret Haynes: Fostering the Relationship of Teachers and Parents for Holistic Development of Pupils

Ms Margaret Haynes

Respect, Integrity, Innovation, and Commitment are the great leader’s primary principles!

Leaders are born to show people direction and provide proper guidance for the overall development of the people. And since the early 1980s and 1990s, many illustrations blaze the trail of their leadership, for instance, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the US and a revolutionary leader who ignited the ‘Free Nation’ spirit in the USA.

Many historical leaders stood and led their nations with respect and integrity. Depicting the true leaders, Sadhguru says, “Integrity, insight, and inclusiveness are the three essential qualities of leadership.”

Imitating the same, along with the spirit of developing the nation, many leaders in various domains still guide people in their career enrichment.

Amidst other domains, the leaders in the education space are shaping the future leaders and igniting the youth spirit to serve their nation’s development. They primarily emphasize academic success and management through collaboration with parents, students, and teachers.

Effective leadership relies on delegating to other academic staff members and giving students the freedom to decide what learning methods work best for them.

Similarly, Ms Margaret Haynes, the Principal of LISM and Liwa International School- Al Mushrif in UAE, has dedicated more than 25 years to education. She belongs to Wales in the UK, and for the last seven years, she has been working in UAE as a School leader.

As a parent, she understands the other parent’s feelings for their children and that all parents want the best for their children socially and academically, ensuring the same Ms Margaret provides a safe and stimulating learning environment to reach their potential.

Let’s dive down to know more about the great leader Ms Margaret Haynes.

An Inspiring Tale to Tell!

Since receiving her teaching certification in 1995, she has held teaching and leadership positions in various organizations, including large inner-city comprehensives and small private schools in the UK.

She has also held leadership roles in three private schools in the UAE, the last two of which are part of Liwa Education. However, there is one thing that all the schools where she has worked have in common- that they have always sought to provide educational opportunities for all children.

In the summer of 2020, Ms Margaret transferred from another Liwa Education institution to LISM. She has consistently espoused the values of collaborative leadership, the importance of each individual to the school’s success, and the worth and validity of each individual’s contribution.

She believes that treating everyone with respect is essential and that adults should continuously exhibit the attitudes and behaviours they want their students to demonstrate. In order to support their pupils as they progress through high school, she continues to forge solid partnerships with ADU as part of Liwa Education.

The Glimpse of LISM

LISM offer an outstanding international education that inspires students to be self-disciplined, globally aware and independent lifelong learners who are innovative leaders and critical thinkers.

While mentioning the institute, Ms Margaret says, “We work through partnerships; awards with parents, teachers, and the community; and educate students to high academic international standards by applying a learning-centred approach, which prepares self-confident and socially responsible young adults for our evolving and changing world.

Sketching down further, she asserts, “Our Core values sit at the heart of the school and are modelled by staff and promoted in our students through our teaching, learning, and everyday practice.”

A Value Statement of the LISM

When we ask about the vision of LISM, Ms Margaret states, “Our Vision at Liwa International School – Al Mushrif is to create a leading international school for Abu Dhabi underpinned by an outstanding and inclusive education enriched by national values.”

Stating further the mission statement of LISM, she says, “Our mission is to provide the highest standards of teaching and learning which promote critical thinking and collaborative learning within a strong school and parent community.”

“Our values at LISM are Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Commitment, and Collaboration,” she asserted the LISM core values.

Enhancing the Student Engagement

A relevant and engaging curriculum, excellent teaching, and inclusion drive student engagement. The Liwa Education curriculum recognizes and develops the context and the key competencies essential for success in the 21st century. These include intellectual (such as the capacity to evaluate, synthesize, and think critically) and technical competencies (such as using technology to drive learning and understanding).

While interacting about the student engagement programmes, Ms Margaret notes, “Our school council, and different working parties and committees, give students a voice in school life. Guided by a designated leadership team member, they help shape our priorities and our response to local, national, and global priorities.”

Envisioning the Future

While asserting the future vision of the school, Ms Margaret mention, “Moving forward, we commit to educating our students to the highest academic international standards, promoting critical thinking, collaboration and an accelerated, learning-centred approach, within a strong school and parent community.”

“We want our students to be happy, well-balanced individuals who fulfil their potential in all areas of their lives, articulate, confident global citizens with a strong moral compass,” she concluded.

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“The school has many cultures and nationalities, and we feel we are one big family at LISM. LISM is one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi because it has qualified and friendly teachers, a diverse community, a strong curriculum and a fun way of learning.”

– Parent of Omar and Karim

“As parents of four pioneer students of LISM, we are pleased to say that any uncertainty surrounding our choice of a brand-new school has been resolved beyond doubt. This is due to the excellent school leadership and management, complemented by hardworking and qualified staff.”

– Parents of Keziah, Jude, Joshua, and John

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