MongoDB University Announces New Partnerships to Widen Education Access and Fill the Skills Gap in Technology


MongoDB, Inc. has announced new education partnerships and initiatives aimed at addressing the global software-development skills gap and empowering future developers. The company’s commitment to education and closing the skills gap has earned it prestigious honors and recognition.

To make training more accessible worldwide, MongoDB has partnered with renowned learning platforms Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. Through these partnerships, millions of learners will have access to MongoDB courses and certifications, facilitating their skill development in the field of software development.

Moreover, MongoDB has collaborated with organizations like Women Who Code, MyTechDev, and Tech & Allies to offer free certifications to 700 developers from underrepresented groups. By providing these opportunities, MongoDB aims to ensure inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry.

Additionally, the MongoDB for Academia program has introduced new benefits for educators, including free MongoDB Atlas credits and certifications. These benefits enable educators to equip students with in-demand database skills, empowering them for future careers.

MongoDB University has also expanded its course offerings to include online learning courses for database administrators and professionals experienced in SQL. These courses aim to reskill professionals in utilizing non-relational database technologies and provide them with valuable knowledge for building modern applications.

By receiving the 2023 Engage for Good Gold Halo Award for Best Education Initiative, being recognized as a Civic 50 Honoree for the third consecutive year, and ranking highly on the Axios Harris Poll 100 Reputation Rankings, MongoDB demonstrates its commitment to corporate citizenship and social impact.

Through its education partnerships, MongoDB strives to bridge the software-development skills gap, empower learners from diverse backgrounds, and equip them with the necessary tools and certifications to succeed in the evolving field of technology.


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