Ministry of Education Looks Up to AI Integration for Enhancing Pedagogy

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The Ministry of Education is exploring integrating artificial intelligence into the educational system. Permanent Secretary Selina Kuruleca says the goal is to improve teaching and learning experiences in schools around the country.
According to Kuruleca, the proposal gained popularity as a result of suggestions made by stakeholders at the Education Summit last year.
She emphasizes the significance of performing an audit to better understand the current AI ecosystem and its consequences for students.

She added,“So one of the things that I think is critical that we do is first do an audit of what type of AI exists out there and what AI are our children, our children existing here in our Fiji schools. If we’re going to allow them to use it, what will it look like.”

According to Kuruleca, the Ministry will need to consider best practices and select the most appropriate AI for kids. In an effort to embrace the modern technologies and aligning them to the objectives of education is the primary goal. Looking at the vastness of the AI penetration is several sectors, AI can certainly amplify the learning experience, making it easier, simpler and uplifting too. “Is it going to be used for content. You know, whatever. So we need to do an audit first. Then from the audit, we can then lay down some of the SOPs and processes on how the use of AI can be used in the classroom because, you know, the day will come whether AI will be used, whether we like it or not,” Selina stated.

The PS also underlines the essential need of considering logistics when integrating the technologies.

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