Minister Howell Notifies Provincial Scholarship Recipients

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As part of the Provincial Scholarship Program, Krista Lynn Howell, the honourable Minister of Education, today announced that 201 recent high school graduates will receive scholarships totalling more than $200,000. Through this program, high school graduates from all throughout Newfoundland and Labrador are honoured for their academic accomplishments, commitment, and hard work.

A Constable W.C. Moss Scholarship, 120 Electoral District Scholarships, 79 Centenary of Responsible Government Scholarships, each worth $1,000, and a Junior Jubilee Scholarship, worth $2,500, are among the scholarships available.

The student in the province with the best scholarship score receives the Junior Jubilee Scholarship. Arielle Connors, a Queen Elizabeth Regional High School alumna, is the laureate for this year.

The child of an active, retired, or deceased member of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who has the best scholarship score—aside from the Junior Jubilee Scholarship recipient—is given the Constable W.C. Moss Scholarship. The recipient for this year is Pasadena Academy alumna Natalie Walsh.

With the exception of those who get the Junior Jubilee and Constable W.C. Moss Scholarships, three high school graduates in each electoral district with the best scholarship score are given the 120 Electoral District Scholarships.

With the exception of the recipients of the Junior Jubilee, Constable W.C. Moss, and Electoral District Scholarships, the remaining students provincewide with the highest scholarship score are given the Centenary of Responsible Government Scholarships.

The website features a comprehensive roster of Provincial Scholarship awardees along with details on how recipients can claim their provincial scholarships.

Respected Minister of Education, Krista Lynn Howell, said, “Congratulations to those graduates who were awarded Provincial Scholarships this year. I respect your commitment and perseverance in achieving your academic goals. Students in our province show a dedication to learning and a willingness to pursue further education. I hope the best of luck to all of our students and award winners for their upcoming pursuits.

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