Lucky Surana: An Industrialist by Profession and an Educationist at Heart

Lucky Surana
Lucky Surana

The education sector is evolving at a dynamic pace. Modern technology is completely reshaping the entire teaching–learning process. With technological innovations, the education process has experienced a massive facelift. Modern pedagogical practices have come up, and the sector is in need of able leaders and bright Edupreneurs. These leaders share their knowledge and expertise with schools, colleges, and other educational institutions using a learning platform.

Edupreneurs are taking the education sector towards new heights with their dedication and innovative mindset. They believe in embracing change and always emphasize on understanding the needs of the students.

Many leading edupreneurs have taken major steps to transform the education system. One such prominent edupreneur who has put his heart and soul in uplifting educational accessibility and innovation is Mr. Lucky Surana, Co-ounder and CEO, ENARK Education.

Mr Surana; a Ness Wadia College graduate always saw himself as a man building a team that was as passionate about a child’s education as he was. Alongside college at the age of 19, he took a bold step to launch a Coding and ICT Institute; Mind Ventures International. It operated in a little room with 5 PCs and basic teaching resources. Alongside this new venture, he joined the family business of aluminum alloy manufacturing and worked with many major auto companies. Today, Mind Ventures International (established in 2001) has now evolved to become ENARK Discover in 2019.

Mr Surana follows both the industries with full dedication, determination and enthusiasm.

His spiritual guru, Mahātria Rā’s teachings have been a mentoring guide to him. He firmly believes in his guru’s words ~  ‘This and That is Possible’.

Mr Surana co-founded ENARK Education | Training Management e-Learning along with Mrs Azaleeya Hui and Purnima Shetye, bringing together more than 75 years of edupreneur experience from each side.

Overcoming the Initial Hurdles

During his initial journey as an edupreneur, Mr Surana realized that the product: skill and technology-based learning programs were somehow limited only to known neighborhoods. To take the giant leap of expanding the scale of product reach was one of the biggest challenges that he had to face.

Coping Up with Emerging Technologies

According to Mr Surana, to ensure that the educational space copes with emerging technologies, one must be open to accepting technology in all spheres of learning. He believes that a blended and collaborative approach that blurs the traditional boundaries of education is one of surest ways to incorporate future learning.

The Biggest Motivators of Mr Surana

Mr Surana has always been highly motivated by his gurus and mentors. His spiritual guru, Mahātria Rā has been a key guiding force in his life. He also considers Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos his mentors. Their business startegies inspire him to tackle every challenge with a positive attitude and to achieve better outcomes through dedication throughout his professional journey.

Mr Surana’s sole intention has always been to do good for the community and to introduce innovative subjects. He wants to enable everyone with technology – this thought has been a constant driving force which continues to push him forward.

An Ardent Believer in Skill Development

As per Mr Surana, it is essential for the youth of today to boost their confidence and to enhance their ability of good public speaking. He is of the opinion that education should incorporate skills to improve the students’ vocational skills, their technical knowledge, and their personality. This will equip them to contend with the stiff challenges of the future.

Catering to the Emerging Needs of the Youth

Mr Surana believes that the growing requirements of today’s youth can be met with by introducing subjects and programs blended with technology that grabs student interests and motivates them towards success. Collaborative and blended learning is the easiest way to ensure that each student unlocks their potential, and they become smarter and faster than before.

About ENARK Education

Established in 2019, ENARK Education is one of India’s finest and fastest growing ed-tech companies. It was founded by a group of educators who are committed to systemize, standardize, and transform the education sector in India. It aims to enhance and upgrade the educational experience of Foundational and Preparatory stage stake holders. Enark has 4 verticals Uplift | Discover | Cradle | Fosture.  

Enark Uplift has a mission to Systematise – Optimise – Standardise and Transform the Indian pre-primary and elementary education sector via training of staff, curriculum development and offering multi-fold consultancy, audit programs, and accreditations for existing schools.

Enark Discover’s mission is to take its after-school education program to children across the world so that every child gets a chance to reach their full human potential.

Enark Cradle aims to create early learning environments and experiences that capture the joys of childhood, nurture each child’s uniqueness, and offer them opportunities for individual growth and development.

Enark Fosture is an upcoming Forest School based on experiential learning.

All four verticals have holistic vision that aims at providing thoughtful and futuristic development to all stakeholders.

At Enark, organisational values are of utmost importance. Every individual at the company endeavors to live by each day so that each of their actions related to work and culture are guided by them. The result being that their values drive the purpose and engagement for all stakeholders. It helps them to work towards the larger goal of holistic education of all children.

The company is

  • Committed.
  • Organised.
  • Inclusive.
  • Global.
  • Progressive.

A Man with Many Accomplishments

Throughout his illustrious career in the education sector, Mr Surana has achieved many accolades. His determination and dedications has won him many laurels. Besides leading ENARK Education as Co-Founder and CEO, he served as the President of Ghodawat Softech LLP (a vertical of Sanjay Ghodawat Group). Mr Surana also performs the role of the mentor of Pune Committee, PCMC Committee Delhi Committee, Association for Primary Education and Research (APER). He is also national core committee member of the Association for Primary Education and Research (APER).

He received the Exemplary Business Leadership Award from BSCOER College, Narhe, as one amongst the 9 Entrepreneurs in Pune in July 2017.

Mr Surana was adjudged Young Edupreneurs of The Year (Pune) 2017 by The India Innovation and Excellence Summit 2017. Furthermore, he received the ECE Influencer of The Year Award on 12th Feb, 2019 at Jaipur.

Under the astute leadership of Mr Surana, Enark has made many noteworthy achievements. Some of these have been mentioned below:

  • Most innovative holistic development centre for kids in Pune – The India Education Awards 2017.
  • Best innovative after school model – Estrade Singapore Education Conclave and Awards 2017.
  • Best it and application based learning centre in Pune – National Excellence Awards 2017.
  • Innovative practices in development for kids through ICT and application based learning – Excellence in Indian Education Awards 2017.
  • Best after school curriculum of the year – Brain feed Innovative Education Awards 2017-18.

Inspirational Words for Emerging Edupreneurs

Mr Surana advises all future edupreneurs ‘to have the conviction in their goals.’ He opines that they should have the foresight and vision for their educational product/program. According to Mr Surana, it is also essential to be thoroughly organised in every endeavor. This will ensure that they achieve long-term success through their dedicated efforts. Mr Surana also believes that as an edupreneurs, individuals should furthermore focus on the development and well-being of the community.

Future Perspective

Mr Surana believes that as technology connects the world, the future of education space will also change to a more blended learning formula. A blended model of education that combines technology and traditional education will slowly become the norm. Furthermore, he is of the opinion that learning is going to surpass age, gender, income, and other demographic barriers. The boundaries are going to become blurred as collaborations in all spheres become more common.

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