Loreto College, Marryatville: A Century as the Vanguard of Women’s Education

Loreto College
Loreto College, Marryatville

When schools prioritize both academic achievement and emotional well-being, students reap the benefits. This fosters a supportive environment where students can excel in their studies and develop the emotional resilience and self-awareness needed to thrive in all aspects of life. It equips them for academic success and personal growth.

Loreto College, Marryatville is a paragon institute amalgamating these values, equipping students to thrive academically, socially, and personally. The institute is the only Catholic, girls boarding school in Adelaide and has been educating strong, passionate and confident students since 1905.

What sets Loreto apart from other institutes lies in its commitment to personal growth through the profound intersection of learning and well-being. From its Early Learning Centre (ELC) through to Year 12, students are nurtured in an environment that creates a love of learning and prompts achievement that equalizes their personal best.

Service and Social Justice: The Core Values

Being part of the larger Loreto network, which spans seven schools across Australia and over 150 schools internationally, Loreto College provides students with a plethora of opportunities that enrich their educational experience, expand their horizons, and nurture a global perspective.

At Loreto College, service education and social justice stand as foundational pillars of the institution’s ethos. Students actively engage in supporting local charities through both hands-on assistance and fundraising efforts, reflecting a commitment to making a positive impact within the community.

Fostering a Thirst for Knowledge

The educational institute emphasizes the importance of learning by fostering a thirst for knowledge and critical thinking within an environment dedicated to nurturing the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of its students. This harmonious and holistic commitment to learning ensures that the graduates emerge not only academically adept but also imbued with compassion, resilience, social responsibility, intellect, and readiness for the future.

Loreto College was successful in being named as an Excellence Awardee in the Australian Education Awards in 2021 for the College’s Social, Emotional and Academic Development Program (SEAD) as part of the Best Student Wellbeing Program. The SEAD Program at Loreto College aims to provide an evidence-based framework and related activities that acknowledge the developmental stages of girls and young women in order to provide a holistic approach to education.

The integration of social-emotional skill development in conjunction with academic learning outcomes ensures that all girls develop holistically as resilient and confident girls and young women. The SEAD Program delivers targeted and specific outcomes that address the needs of girls as they develop and grow.

A Forward-thinking Institution

Central to this commitment is the award-winning SEAD program, crafted to facilitate sequential growth and development, acknowledging the various phases of a girl’s journey from childhood to young adulthood. As part of its holistic approach, Loreto College implements internal measures such as the “check-in” process, which includes a weekly Pulse (traffic light) online tracking system to monitor student wellbeing.

This platform allows students to signal when they require assistance and provides opportunities for expressing gratitude towards peers and teachers, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment.

Loreto is dedicated to providing comprehensive pastoral care through a structured support network including mentor teachers, Leaders of Wellbeing and Academic Care, health care professionals, and psychologists. This robust system fosters a supportive learning environment, empowering students to express themselves authentically and make positive contributions to their communities as emerging leaders and advocates for change.

Feathers in the Cap

Paul Foley, Leader of Humanities, achieved national recognition in the Australian Education Awards as the winner of the Department Head of the Year category. Among eight recipients across all Australian educational sectors (Catholic, Independent and Government), Paul’s distinguished 26-year tenure as a Head of the Department highlights his exceptional dedication to the field of education.

He has significantly contributed to the History teaching profession through various leadership roles, including serving as the National President of the History Teachers’ Association of Australia from 2016 to 2020 and as the State President of the History Teachers’ Association of South Australia from 2006 to 2019. Additionally, Paul has chaired the Simpson Prize Competition on a national level and served on the Judging Panel for the Department of Veterans Affairs Anzac Day Competition for the past 12 years.

Moreover, Loreto College’s Strategic Plan was honored as one of the nation’s most innovative strategic plans, receiving an Excellence Award in the Australian Education Awards 2022 for the Best School Strategic Plan.

Among only eight schools in Australia to be recognized across all educational sectors, this achievement underscores the hard work and dedication of the College staff. Furthermore, in 2022, Loreto College was also bestowed with an ‘Innovative School‘ award in acknowledgment of its environmental strategy and capital works projects, further solidifying its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

At the Forefront of Digital Race

With a commitment to being a future-focused institution, Loreto College stands as Australia’s pioneering school to introduce a Lumination Lab. Within this innovative facility, students immerse themselves in a myriad of virtual reality tools and associated equipment. Utilizing platforms like CoSpaces, they craft digital environments and step into them, experiencing their creations firsthand. This resource enriches students’ comprehension and familiarity with abstract concepts and ideas.

Staff members leverage analytical information applications to gain insights into their students’ past experiences and identify those who may require additional support from the outset. This comprehensive system amalgamates various data points encompassing attendance, grades and results from standardized tests like NAPLAN and PAT.

By presenting this collective information, a holistic view of each student emerges. Consequently, a tailored approach to content delivery ensues, ensuring continuous monitoring of student development and timely implementation of initiatives to facilitate personal growth.

A Culture of Acceptance

With a fervent dedication to inclusivity, Loreto College cherishes diversity and extends a warm welcome to students, families and employees alike. The recruitment of personnel and enrolment of students are guided not only by expertise and experience but also by a shared commitment to fostering a culture of acceptance and support. The college deeply values its partnerships with families, recognizing the trust placed in its hands to provide a quality education for their children.

Encouraging interest and engagement beyond the classroom, Loreto College invites all students from Reception to Year 12 to participate in various clubs, teams and ensembles. With offerings spanning over 15 sports at both representative and non-representative levels, alongside activities like mock trial, robotics, choir, and concert band, this program aims to foster college spirit and offer a well-rounded complement to students’ academic pursuits.

Setting Highest Standards

Loreto College upholds a tradition of setting and maintaining high expectations as a foundation of academic success. With a dedicated staff possessing both technical expertise and a personal commitment to student achievement, the college ensures that each student is supported in reaching their full potential.

Teachers at Loreto College are intimately familiar with their students’ abilities, leveraging their strengths while providing tailored support in areas needing development. Emphasizing a culture of continuous growth and development, the staff refuses to let students rest on their laurels, instead fostering an environment where progress is celebrated and acknowledged.

Ethics as the Cornerstone

The staff and leadership team at Loreto College are distinguished by their expertise and dedication to staying abreast of emerging trends in education. They continuously evaluate practices and offerings to ensure that graduates are equipped with the skills necessary to make meaningful contributions to society.

Rooted in the charism of Mary Ward, founder of the Loreto sisters, the College’s shared values of Felicity, Freedom, Justice, Sincerity, and Verity guide every decision and initiative undertaken.

Embracing Mary Ward’s vision, Loreto College is committed to its belief that ‘women in time will come to do much,’ empowering students to realize their potential and effect positive change in the world.

Loreto places a strong emphasis on student well-being, with a program structured around the principle of student voice. Through comprehensive data analysis, the college gains valuable insights into the well-being and mental health needs of its students, ensuring tailored support and intervention where necessary.

Blend of Tradition and Innovation

As a forward-thinking institution, Loreto College continually adapts to meet the evolving needs of education, embracing both traditional and contemporary approaches. Through a focus on empowerment, the college equips students with the tools to confidently navigate their educational journey and make meaningful contributions to their community upon graduation. Initiatives such as work experience programs, alumni connections and a broad curriculum offering contribute to preparing students for life beyond the school gates.

Global Education Initiative

With a recent upsurge in student enrolments and a positive trajectory, Loreto College aims to maintain and enhance its position as a school of choice for young women in South Australia and beyond. Looking ahead, the college plans to expand its focus on attracting and enrolling international students, recognizing the value of global education and cultural exchange for both the community and domestic students alike.

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