Joga Shala: Creating a Better World with Timeless Traditions

Joga Shala
Mihir Jogh

For more than ten years, yoga has influenced the fitness industry. Yoga and its advantages have actually been around for more than 5,000 years. Yoga is a way of life that promotes sustainability and balance, not just physical fitness. Yoga enhances respiration, agility, general health, and the hormonal, digestive, and neural systems, but its effects also have positive effects on daily life. Here are the top 5 things to learn from adopting this way of life.

The discipline of controlling breath is known as pranayama in yoga. It’s one of the eight key pillars of the Patanjali, the founder of yoga, prescribed eight-step yoga method. Yama means control in Sanskrit, while Prana represents life force. A variety of breathing exercises and patterns are used in Pranayama. We develop greater awareness and attention to our breathing as we study pranayama.

The only way to genuinely begin pouring is when your cup is filled with tenderness, love, and kindness as a result of listening to your heart. One must take as much as one gives in order to genuinely live, and this can only be done from the heart.

In order to sustain the yoga essence in the future generation, Mihir Jogh founded Joga Shala studio, where he teaches various yoga and fitness lessons to people. To learn detailed Iyengar style Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center, and Mihir have been studying and teaching for more than two seasons.

Dive down to learn detailed information about Joga Shala.

The Beginning Tale

The founder of Joga Shala began his pranayama path of self-discovery at Mumbai Yoga Institute. He travelled to Dharmshala to further investigate the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center in the Iyengar style, studying and teaching there for more than two seasons. After opening his yoga studio, Joga Shala, Mihir continued to study various yoga forms under Bharat Shetty in Mysore and Ian Lewis in Goa.

Holistic Yoga Training

He studied allied disciplines such as Ayurvedic therapy level one, Thai massage, Breathwork, Prayanam, Meditation, and many more allied therapies since he was passionate about promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness. He was the first to use them and teach his students the best techniques. Joga Shala is renowned now for the wide variety of experiences it offers its students.

This yoga workshop is the place for you if you are ready to begin your path towards holistic health and wellness, self-exploration, dwelling into their depth, letting go of self-inhibitions, and practice.

Mihir Jogh’s Specialized Yogic Asanas

Through standing poses, twists, forward bends, backbends, and restorative poses, participants can explore new ideas. It would be a technique that was secure, effective, and appropriate for people of all skill levels.

Age range: 18 to 60 (A basic Yoga Experience is a plus).

A yoga mat, towel, comfortable clothing, and plenty of bottled water are required materials. Apart from that, he teaches the following asana to his students-

Alignment with nature: People can lead healthier lives when they become aware of and tune into the natural rules. Additionally, choosing holistic exercise programmes like Yoga roots, they used it in a way that tunes their mind to sync. This has tenfold repercussions for mental health.

  • Sleep: It’s crucial to adjust the circadian rhythm, or sleep-wake cycle, in accordance with the location and the season. Observing when birds awaken in the morning and when they retreat to their nests in the evening is a simple method to keep track of this cycle.
  • Food: Understanding the body type and eating to meet those demands is key to health. Food needs to be modified based on a number of variables, including geographic location, present physical health or sickness, season, age, and degree of exercise. Literally, individuals are what they consume! Therefore, one consumes more of the nutrients one is lacking and less of the ones the body is building up.
  • Lifestyle and activity: Leading a moderately active lifestyle is crucial. In the regions of the world known as ‘blue zones,’ where people live the longest. It was discovered that people were constantly moving around while doing things like gardening, walking, and doing housework. And if someone lives in a city, they might not always be able to adopt the aforementioned activities, but you can create circumstances to move a little bit more each day – taking the stairs rather than the elevator, including a daily non-negotiable walk, walking to get groceries or food instead of ordering takeout, and co-ordinating and cleaning your own home.
  • Stress management: Locating the skills and resources that one needs to check in with oneself, identify any signs of stress, and attempt to calm oneself at that very moment. Thus, frequent check-in and establishing restrictions on employment and technology. Stepping away to unwind, do nothing, breathe, or exercise meditation. Spend time in nature or with the community.

Structural Alignment

When people consider body alignment, yoga is the first thing that springs to mind. Additionally, yoga can be a fantastic tool for a beginner to learn about body alignment and develop a greater awareness of their physical makeup. Yoga Asanas can be used to learn how to sit, stand, and move with proper posture. Yoga is not the only form of exercise that can help one attain this, though. In Mihir’s opinion, nothing comes close to yoga’s alignment benefits. It’s important to choose the correct workout or Asana programme. Working with rather than against the body by paying attention to it. Considering advice for rest and rehabilitation. Mihir implores everyone to give the body the rest it needs; if everyone does, it is a power train.

Alignment with Heart

The heart beats continuously for the present and future, starting on the day human begins breathing. Emotions are closely related to it, and while the mind enables us to make all of life’s rational and risk-based decisions, it is the heart that moves the needle in terms of the capacity to live our best lives. People may lead a highly balanced life if people are in touch with and fully understand emotions. Tools that can help one better align with oneself include meditation, journaling, travel, and preparation. Furthering the point, counselling is something that no one should avoid in order to handle in the most positive and forward-thinking manner possible. It aids in providing perspective during life.

Concluding about Joga Shala

Finally, individuals will always be better off in their hearts and in their community (whatever that looks like for them). People are not designed to live in isolation and experience life like social animals are. A transient fix found online or in the materialistic world can never replace the healing power of having someone to cry on. Sometimes getting back on your feet really does require a community. “Therefore, let it into your heart. You’ll be grateful to your soul for it,” concludes Mihir.

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