Japan and the US Develop Policies to Increase Collaboration in Education

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Officials with knowledge of the topic said on Thursday that Japan and the United States have decided to step up education cooperation by increasing the number of licensed Japanese language teachers and implementing different measures.

According to the officials, the steps include collaborating to stop the fall in Japanese language courses in the United States as well as encouraging exchange programs and training individuals in Japan to work in the technology sector.

Senior representatives from the two nations met in Washington in October to address important matters, and they are currently completing the agreement’s contents in preparation for a public announcement.

The Japan Foundation reports that as of fiscal 2021, there were 1,241 Japanese language schools in the United States, a 14% decrease from fiscal 2018.

With so many Japanese language teachers in the United States getting older, officials who have been working to increase the language’s popularity are becoming increasingly concerned about the downward trend.

They will make information on regions of the nation where Japanese teaching licenses are given preference known in an effort to increase the prospects for language acquisition in the United States.

According to the officials, Japan is also requesting visa relaxations to facilitate the immigration of Japanese instructors to the United States.

They announced that Japan will host their high-level dialogue on education’s next meeting.

On the fringes of a Group of Seven conference in May in Hiroshima, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the then-Japanese Education Minister Keiko Nagaoka decided to begin the dialogue.

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