IU International University of Applied Sciences: Pinnacle of German Education

IU International University
IU International University of Applied Sciences

IU International University of Applied Sciences: Pinnacle of German Education

In today’s ever-changing and dynamic economy, business schools play a crucial role in preparing students for the rollercoaster ride that is the labour market. As the engines of innovation and growth, these institutions serve as incubators for the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to navigate the complexities of the modern business world.

Business schools provide a fertile ground for students to cultivate their talents, hone their analytical abilities, and develop their professional networks. These schools are the ultimate launching pads for a successful international career in the fast-paced world of business.

IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is Germany’s largest and Europe’s fastest growing university. IU provides a well-diversified variety of academic degrees and professional competencies manifested in online, hybrid and on-campus studies.

IU International University of Applied Sciences was founded in 2000 as IUBH School of Business and Management and welcomed its first students on its first campus.

In 2012, IUBH became the first university in Germany with new learning formats- online and analogue. IUBH has one of the largest online libraries in Germany with interactive learning tools and is a worldwide first with ‘online exams on demand’ in 2016.

Finally, in 2021, IUBH changed its name to IU International University of Applied Sciences. In 2022, IU reached a new milestone of 100,000 students and was Germany’s largest private university with AI-supported learning.

IU empowers everyone around the globe with the opportunity to grow through flexible, self-determined education – regardless of their personal, professional, or financial situation, nationality or origin.

Its mission is to empower learners around the globe with the most personalised education.

With innovative study and further education formats, plus maximum flexibility via its on-site and virtual offerings, IU delivers the most customer-centric, customised education.

Pioneer of the Institute

Dr. Sven Schuett has been the CEO of IU Group and IU International University of Applied Sciences for over 11 years. With his experience as a manager in public and private companies, he has formed IU International University of Applied Sciences as the largest university in Germany.

The strong and sustained growth is related to IU’s vision: Everyone should have access to education in order to grow. With innovative, digital, and flexible educational offers, IU wants to raise the entire educational world to a new level: education should be democratised worldwide.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also playing an increasingly important role: As a pioneer of AI and with background knowledge in the neurosciences, Sven Schuett wants to change education internationally in such a way that everyone has the opportunity to have the highest possible value for the ever-changing job market.

Before IU, Sven Schuett worked for several years as Managing Director of the Hertie School of Governance and the Federal Employment Agency, as well as a consultant at McKinsey & Company.

He holds a PhD in philosophy and neurobiology from the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology.

Addressing the Skills Gap

IU International University of Applied Sciences has made significant contributions to uplifting education in Europe. One of its major contributions is its focus on providing practical, industry-relevant education that prepares students for success in their chosen fields.

This approach helps to address the skills gap in Europe and ensures that graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce. Recently, its success has been showcased by being the first and only German university to be ranked by the QS Rankings.

IU also places a strong emphasis on internationalisation, which helps to promote cross-cultural understanding and knowledge exchange. IU offers exchange programs that enable students to study at partner universities around the world, and it has a diverse student body that represents over 190 different nationalities.

Furthermore, IU has established more than 15,000 partnerships with businesses and organisations across Europe to provide students with opportunities for internships, practical training, and employment after graduation. This helps to bridge the gap between education and industry and ensures that graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce.

Keeping the Brand Image Intact

IU’s emphasis on the use of blended learning, combining online and on-campus study options, could serve as a model for other universities in Europe seeking to adapt to the changing educational landscape.

As a leading international university, IU constantly strives to provide high-quality education to its students even when presented with hurdles. Here are some examples:

  • Adapting to a Digital Learning Environment: With the COVID-19 pandemic, IU was fully able to adapt to a digital learning environment quickly. IU implemented a range of innovative online teaching methods, including virtual classrooms, live lectures, and interactive learning activities.
  • Ensuring Student Success: IU places a strong emphasis on student success and has implemented several programs to support students in their academic and personal growth. For example, IU has a dedicated Student Office that provides academic advising, tutoring, and counselling services to students. IU also offers a range of extracurricular activities and clubs that enable students to develop their skills and connect with their peers.
  • Maintaining High Academic Standards: As an international university, IU is committed to maintaining high academic standards across its programs. IU achieves this through a rigorous quality assurance process that ensures its programs meet the highest international standards. IU also has a highly qualified faculty that brings real-world experience and expertise to its teaching. All courses are accredited and internationally recognized.

Testaments of the Efforts

The university’s recent achievement in the QS Online MBA Ranking is also a testament to its efforts toward academic excellence.

Navigating the Changing Business Environment

IU offers programs in fields such as business, technology, and healthcare, which are constantly evolving. To keep up with the changing business environment, IU regularly updates its programs to ensure they are relevant and meet the needs of its students and the industry.

Overall, IU has overcome these challenges by being innovative, adaptable, and committed to providing the best possible education and support to its students. IU continuously evaluates its programs and services evolving and improving them when needed to ensure it remains at the forefront of international education.

Global Education Coalition

The Global Education Coalition, launched by UNESCO, is a multi-sectoral partnership aimed at protecting the right to education during unprecedented disruptions and beyond. The coalition brings together international organisations, private sector partners, NGOs, and media outlets to support countries in scaling up their remote learning solutions and ensuring educational continuity for all learners.

IU was the first higher education institution in the European Union to become a member of UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition. IU’s membership – which provides students in crisis the opportunity to learn relevant topics, obtain useful skills, and simultaneously earn globally recognized credits (ECTS), provides crucial support to students most in need. IU’s commitment to UNESCO’s GEC membership further extends to offering cutting-edge masterclasses in different STEM-related topics, including Computer Science, Data Science, Robotics, and more.

Broadening the Horizons

The university has a variety of student-led clubs that cover various interests, such as sports, music, theatre, entrepreneurship, and social activities. IU also organises events and activities throughout the academic year, such as career fairs, guest lectures, and workshops, to help students develop their skills and broaden their horizons.

IU International University of Applied Sciences provides STEM-based learning to its students through its various study programs, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science, Data Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.

In these programs, students learn about cutting-edge technologies and tools that are essential for their future careers. IU’s curriculum emphasises practical, hands-on learning, and students work on real-world projects to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

IU created its own proprietary learning environment called ‘myCampus’, which is designed to enhance the learning experience for students. MyCampus is available to all IU students and offers a range of features, including access to course materials, interactive quizzes, and virtual study groups. With myCampus, students can engage with their coursework in a more interactive and collaborative way, making learning a more enjoyable experience.

Strides in Enriching the Educational Quality

IU’s commitment to innovation extends beyond just technology. As a digital pioneer, IU is constantly exploring new ways to improve the educational experience for its students. In pursuit of its mission to empower people around the globe with the most personalized education, IU initiated early developments using large language models (LLMs) and GPT over two years ago, laying the groundwork for the project Syntea. Syntea, an AI-driven leanring buddy, is accessible for all IU students to use in both English and German courses.

This integration has made it possible for students to receive an even more intelligent and intuitive learning experience. With IU’s new learn buddy, Syntea can help to navigate through study materials and/or coursework more efficiently across all subject matter.

Moreover, IU’s use of AI technologies in its products also provides students with exposure to AI and related technologies, which are increasingly important in STEM fields. Through its STEM-related study programs and use of AI, IU is preparing its students to be at the forefront of innovation and technology in their respective fields.

Syntea is there to support students flexibly and efficiently when studying. At any time, they can ask questions about the script via it’s Q&A feature – and receive answers that are verified by IU faculty members. Plus, students can test their knowledge with Syntea’s pre-assessment feature – receiving targeted questions about their study material.

Additionally, IU launched a campaign around the topic ‘Women in Tech.’ The University launched a campaign to encourage young girls and women to choose STEM fields. At its heart is the Young Women in STEM incubator run by a group of IU female professors who are also heavily involved in the study and developing it further.

In October 2022, a six-part online series, ‘Yes she can – Girls in IT,’ began and was aimed at schoolgirls from the tenth grade onwards. Here, female STEM professors at IU dive into the world of IT and the internet.

In cooperation with Bitkom, IU is also realising the project ‘Frida’ (Women in the Digital World of Work) in order to provide more visibility to women in the IT professions. A series of short videos about IT women with role model characters are planned.

Last but not least, the podcast ‘Einig Uneinig’ will be dedicated to big questions around the topic of education – among others, also with reference to women and STEM careers.

A Global Approach to Education

IU offers a wide range of programs that offer students global experiences. Below are some examples:

  • Study Abroad Alliance: IU has recently launched its Study Abroad Alliance, which provides students with international opportunities through a unique digital articulation model.
    Students begin their studies online at IU and then articulate abroad to a wide array of partners in order to complete their degrees on campus. IU’s Study Abroad Alliance offers students the opportunity to save money on high-quality education and facilitates relocation to a desired country, thus enabling adult learners to access an immersive educational experience that prepares them for global opportunities.This collaboration reflects the University’s strong emphasis on internationalisation and preparing students for the development of a successful career with a competitive edge in the business world.
  • Short-Term Exchange Programs: IU offers summer schools that provide students with the opportunity to study abroad for a shorter period. These programs typically last between two and six weeks and offer courses on a variety of topics, including business, technology, and language learning. For example, students are able to apply and participate in an exclusive two-week study exchange at Worcester College, University of Oxford, twice a year.

Pinnacle of Germany

IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), Germany’s largest higher education institution, is the only German institution to be included in the QS Online MBA Rankings, Europe 2023.

The internationally renowned ranking assesses online MBA programmes across four general areas: faculty and teaching, class profile, class experience and employer reputation. In this ranking, IU performed particularly well in both class experience and class profile, receiving top scores in the respective categories.

IU is the first and, so far, only German University of applied sciences to be ranked by QS Institute, which is known for its worldwide university rankings. The latest results are in addition to IU receiving the prestigious QS Star Rating in 2021 (five stars with a score of 99/100) – a requirement for inclusion in the QS Rankings. The ranking confirms IU’s consistent focus on a digital and flexible study that adapts to students’ needs.

In the current CHE University Ranking (Germany’s most prestigious and leading university ranking), IU achieved top ranks in six out of 25 categories – the most categories won out of over 300 institutions assessed. IU outperformed in the Business Administration field in the following categories: General Study Conditions, Contact with Lecturers, Study Programmes Offered, Examinations, Study Organisation, and Practical Orientation.

IU received the title ‘TOP University,’ which was awarded by the student portal studycheck.de for 2023. Based on thousands of reviews from students and alums, IU International University of Applied Sciences received a 94 percent recommendation rating and is ranked 11th in all of Germany.

Making Stronger Waves of Innovation

IU has a strong commitment to innovation, and as the world becomes more interconnected, the university is likely to continue to broaden its focus on business and technology-related fields. IU is also headed towards expanding its range of degree programs to meet the needs of a rapidly changing job market and to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen careers.

Overall, the future of IU is likely to be shaped by its commitment to innovation, global engagement, and sustainability, as well as its dedication to providing high-quality education and support for its students.

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