Inspired Author Mthandazo Maseko Enlightens people using his Books

Mthandazo Brian Maseko

Passionate young author Mthandazo Brian Maseko is helping the upcoming generation by imparting knowledge through his books. This 26-year-old innovative writer develops educational content that aims to enrich the daily life practices of people that impact education, the economy, the future, and various other aspects.

Maseko who was born in KwaZulu-Natal, grew up in Johannesburg, where he discovered his writing passion during his school years. He published a book in 2021 by name ‘The African Decolonization Stratagem Umhlahlandlela, he believes in still being oppressed. Driven by the motive to be free, Maseko expressed that he had been endeavouring to write during his high school years, but did not succeed. His research since 2019 helped him succeed in publishing his book in 2021.

Maseko said, “My book is about decolonisation and how we revoke the systematic colonialism that we are currently suffering from, and I believe that everyone can participate in that through good systems and identifying what we are really capable of contributing to the struggle that we are currently facing.”

He has been inspired by several scholars whose great work and thoughts triggered the realization that impactful scholars are needed to be created for engineering the movement. Maseko stated, “My goal is to contribute to academic writing and end up publishing textbooks in African languages.”

He firmly believes that he released that he should indulge in transferring knowledge to his learners as an educator. He is working hard to improve the perceptions of the learners of themselves and the world at large. Maseko quotes, “If we really mean to improve our education system, we should put it into practice. I believe in pragmatism, and it consists of the learner as the centre of education.”

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