Indonesian Finance Minister: Education System Should Support Green Transition

Indonesian Finance Minister

In order to promote Indonesia’s economic transition to a more sustainable model, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati emphasised the importance of improving the country’s educational system.

“We (the government) support the transition and disruption through automatization, digitization, and green transition for our economy. However, it needs (an appropriate) education system,” Indrawati stated via video broadcast during the Inclusive Lifelong Learning Conference (ILLC) here on Wednesday.

According to the minister, an effective educational system will stop the change in the workforce brought on by automation, digitization, and the green transition.

The minister also reaffirmed the government of Indonesia’s commitment to enhancing the educational system and promoting lifelong learning for all individuals across a range of ages through a variety of modalities.

According to Indrawati, the government is working with enterprises and industries to give young workers additional opportunity to find employment or even start their own businesses.

She believes the initiative will be compatible with the government’s objective to keep developing, reforming, and improving the nation’s manufacturing and service industries.

Indrawati emphasised that the link-and-match method for vocational education was introduced by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology in 2017 in order to ensure that education remains relevant despite shifts and changes in the economy and industry.

To assist the younger generation, the authority also launched the Pre-Employment Card, which the minister referred to as a ground-breaking initiative.

“The government strives to improve the people’s competency, and the people are expected to be productive, competitive, and (to embark on) entrepreneurship,” she emphasized.

She added that an endowment fund for education for the younger generation has been established, and the government is dedicated to delivering long-term investment through budget management.

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