India Rising to become the Knowledge Superpower: Subhas Sarkar

Subhas Sarkar
Subhas Sarkar India Rising to become the Knowledge Superpower, this news mention about Subhas Sarkar, read for more information

The Union Minister Subhas Sarkar stated that “the National Education Policy 2020 will attract international students to make India a global hub, giving autonomy to faculty.”

Speaking about the big picture, Sarkar expressed the government’s objective of making India a global knowledge superpower. While addressing the fifth globalized Education Forum of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Subhas, the Union Minister of State for Education pondered on the subject of ‘Revisiting the Idea of Internationalism- Global to Local.’

Subhas quoted, “Our mission is to make India a superpower in the educational sector as the country has formulated a multi-disciplinary education system having the internationally relevant curriculum which will help in generating employment.

“Today India has not only the potential to be the knowledge centre of the world with the highest number of educated youths, but it is the skill capital to take the country forward which can be accomplished by imparting education on a global scale,” the minister mentioned.

The National Education Policy 2020 is expected to attract international students thereby making India a global hub, giving autonomy to faculty, he said in his address. Adding further, he said, considering the rising demand, the central government is facilitating a forum to aid international students. The national education policy 2020 brought in changes by curating a flexible curriculum and education system to offer a holistic education to the students, he stated. According to Subhas, approximately 49,000 students came to India to study in our institutions in recent years and around ten lakh students preferred going abroad.

Highlighting the growing importance of India, the minister said that India is a popular destination for a number of countries in the (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) SAARC and African region.

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