In the Global List of Stanford University for Top 2 Percent Scientists, 12 researchers from Jamia Millia have been featured

Jamia Millia

Stanford University’s listed the top 2 per cent of scientists, and the list has been released recently in which a total of 21 researchers from Jamia Millia Islamic have been featured. Stanford University’s expert team has prepared the list, and Professor John Ioannidis led the team.

The database of top-notch scientists has been providing standardized information on such parameters as h-index, co-authorship adjusted hm-index, and quoting the papers in various other authorship positions and a composite indicator (c-score). The Stanford University scientists prepared the database.

Stanford University has prepared two autonomous lists because almost three thousand researchers from India have been placed on the list. And both list is based on career-long research and single recent year research data.

The first list is prepared on a career-long research paper, in which seven JMI professors acquire their place. The second list is based on the 2021 year’s performance, where 21 scientists from JMI have been featured, and the publicly available database has over 100,000 top scientists.

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