IIT Madras Introduced Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Centre

IIT Madras Introduced (SMDTC)
IIT Madras Introduced (SMDTC)

On Wednesday, 20th July 2022, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) introduced Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Centre (SMDTC). SMDTC aims to synthesize making smart manufacturing and digital transformation accessible to everyone.

SMDTC will develop the essential elements for IIoT, manufacturing execution system, and manufacturing intelligence software platforms for Indian MSMEs by adopting Industry 4.0 practices.

SMDTC is being established under the partnership. A Centre of Excellence at IIT Madras, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre (AMTDC), a global non-profit present in over 40 countries, MESA International (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association), and Cantier Systems, a provider of next-generation manufacturing execution system for Industry 4.0., are collaborating to establish SMDTC.

The primary focus areas of SMDTC will be collaborative research and end-to-end innovation for smart process intelligence, smart manufacturing education and community interaction for capacity building, and 5G enablement to democratise smart manufacturing adoption.

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