Herve Heully: Revamping the Digital Marketing Landscape

Herve Heully
Herve Heully

A few individuals exude charisma to inspire people, driving energy and passion into them. These thought leaders are driven to transform the world and have a clear vision and high moral standards. They set excellent communication practices and creative solutions because they know communication is the key to solving problems. They always approach problems in a novel and inclusive way.

Herve Heully, the Founding President of NEW3S, is a trailblazer in digital marketing leadership and innovation. He is a Reserve Officer and an alumnus of the Ecole Spéciale Militaire (ESM) Inter-Armes de Coëtquidan Saint-Cyr (France), where he implemented 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) for the French Army’s Buildings and Fortification department. This proficient leader holds a third-cycle diploma in computer science applied to geosciences (algorithms used in the sciences of discovery of the earth and its creation) and spent an additional three years in research for a Doctorate in Applied and Fundamental Geophysics.

He began his journey by using computer science to detect unknown objects. Later, he worked in shipyards, passenger cruise ships, and military ships in BIM (Building Information Management) and AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction). He has seven years of experience as the global benchmarker leader at DASSAULT SYSTEMES®, as well as being the international pre-sales director at CENIT® (the top global IBM business partner, a German company) and an IBM® Worldwide Expert in Naval Industry PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

Before starting his business, New3S® (New Systems Services Solutions), he spent 12 years working at DASSAULT SYSTEMES®. He did this to design concepts that did not fit the plans of the corporate entities with whom he was collaborating. As he says, “I wore a vision. With New3S, we then plunged into deep, theoretical algorithms.”

Herve draws immense inspiration from two quotes, i.e., “I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones!” by John CAGE, and “To invent and create, you must know how to zigzag and favor bifurcations,” by Michel Serre.

He employs this motivation in his work, which is why his venture, New3S, has been honored with 13 awards. “A method of accelerating the acquisition of know-how in a professional context” was the world award that the Salon Mondial des Inventions® presented in Geneva in 2006. A jury of 75 members representing 75 nations has unanimously declared this distinction.

Herve won the fourth World Prize for Virtual Worlds, and the company was recognized with the 2009 IntraVerse Awards. Realizing that 3D was the solution to all problems, he understood that even though he and his team at NEW3S were way ahead of their time, it was still necessary to figure out how to allow it to maintain secrecy when needed. That’s why he attempted to get an international patent.
His recurring questions are, “Open universe therefore known? Closed universe, therefore unknown?”

Enhancing the User Experience 

At NEW3S, Herve’s mission is to elaborate on an innovative solution that dramatically enriches the real. He envisions mixing 3D, 360-degree, and 2D rich media content so the web user feels enthusiastic and at ease using these worlds. The ‘La-Baule-360’ web portal is the first realization of its kind. Clonable and customizable at will and ready to be reusable by anyone. It advantageously combines the optimized search of keywords on the web by search engines and the display of pages with hybrid 360deg/3D/2D content, favoring rapid comprehension, decision-making, and accelerated learning.

This enables the users to assess their learning using interactive navigation tools in universes transposed from the real to the digital, valorized, and magnified reality (360deg/3D). Similarly, NEW3S manages keyword research on the Web (2D). It concentrates the proposed information to end-users on a minimum number of pages.

As a sample, one can have a look at La-Baule-360. On a single page, one finds all they need to learn, comprehend, and move forward: where, when, and how? In the La Baule region, cockle fishing is possible. In such circumstances, self-training with knowledge assessment tools integrated into the 3V Valued Virtual Visit® would provide a rapid means of assimilating preventative measures and knowledge of the marine ecosystem more effectively.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Challenges are always present in how visionary leaders like Herve can face the challenges and extract opportunities. He knew he was on the right path due to the highly positive feedback he received during his previous professional career. Yet he still felt that he was not moving fast enough. He realized the market was evolving rapidly, and his technological monitoring told him.

In the meantime, the “MUST-BE-DONE-FIRST” took the initiative on the correct and valuable topics he wanted to work on, which he was dedicated to. Fortunately, his boldness and enthusiasm make him the magnet that attracts new acquaintances and potential partners while introducing untested ideas. Some of those answers inspired him to compete and participate in international software and global innovation contests.

As Herve says, “One of the significant challenges is to resort to self-training and versatility quickly.”                

According to Herve, open-mindedness was a determining factor in overcoming challenges, stepping up the technology watch, and taking risks in choosing resources and tools.

He evolved into a speaker, an expert with broad skills, and a generalist with specializations.

Activities that Enhance Innovation and Creativity

The following can be obtained by visualizing a pentagon as a five-summit geometry:

  • Individual feeling
  • Individual experiences are primarily made up of their mistakes and a few notable successes
  • Individual speed of execution
  • Individual reactivity
  • The appropriate resources (tools and people) are available when needed

Herve says that there is a risk associated with speed. And experience is the result of taking numerous risks. One’s intuition and receptivity to new ideas lead to the appropriate resources and connections. According to him, sports can be a great way to stimulate the five senses and give an individual a break from life. It is imperative to allow oneself to sleep as much as is necessary. It’s also important to regularly switch up the topics one enjoys studying (such as reading R&D or accounting reports, thinking aloud or in a group, or watching videos on the internet about one’s preferred subjects) and to fill the days with activities one enjoys.

Projects to Cherish
Everyone appreciates the milestones and successes resulting from hard work and efficient strategy. Herve’s 2015 intervention at the United Nations (UN) in Geneva brought to the attention of the UN Secretary General’s potential considerations for the web in 2020. He aimed to draw attention to and disseminate information about “How to reduce north-south and male-female parity.”

Herve succeeds when he realizes what he has been training for several years. The process is still effective even after he has done it multiple times under various circumstances.

Pushing the system to its absolute limit; the more he burdens the system or makes the experience painful, the better the outcome.

Herve is profoundly proud of La Baule- Escoublac en 3V/ 360. The purpose is to promote a region’s ongoing economic and tourism development nationally and internationally through ICT (new information and communication technologies). Transpose the tourism subject to any ‘theoretical mind container’ one wants, for example, university camps; assemble all those primary components from on the same row into Russian dolls, and one gets a final evolutive system.

La Baule- Escoublac en 3V / 360 is a brand-new system built on top of customer deliverables, award-winning experiences, and more than a century of engineering expertise. It features over 2,300 web pages, 1.2 million development files, 1,500 continuously enriched keywords that are still growing, over 6,000 internal links, and over 260 indoor and outdoor panoramic views of the sea, islands, beach, and town. The purpose of linking individual pages to one another is to facilitate rapid teaching and understanding.

Transforming Views with Technology

By utilizing technology, one can transform society with a single click. Herve claims that it enables anyone to create a dream. One can travel far away if they have the means to pursue one’s dreams. Then, it appears as though one person could produce a fractal.  He says, “It’s your concern to elaborate a graph (summits, links, directions) from this fractal. Afterward, you get processes.”

The Art of Team Building

About team building, Herve suggests that the first step is to establish a global, multidisciplinary mindset with resources that are geolocated almost everywhere and reachable via the fast internet. He begins with at least one cohesive, receptive expert willing to push himself. Then, it envelops them in a curious, performance-driven network of specialized individuals. Giving them the leader’s vision is essential.

He says, “An association of very different activities may probably lead to unpredictable amazing effects.” According to him, taking the initiative to document research work, for example, by bringing together 3D models and interactive engines, highly realistic 360-degree environments enriched with relevant teaching programs, will most likely increase the overall level of innovation of the entire R&D team. The systematization of this type of operation will ultimately raise the general level of the parties involved (research team, management, marketing, directors, etc.).

Hopes and Aspirations for the Future

Herve expects the global digital market to come of age due to very high-speed internet. Then, the web will introduce in the minds of users the need and claim to systematically demand 360deg and 3D content alongside 2D content (currently mainly employed). He, collectively with his team, aspires to dramatically improve/propel the current result of learning and teaching.

Adding interactive 3D (real or virtual) universes and components to these experiments yields even more convincing results. He exclaims that helmets are unnecessary for people right now. In addition to accelerating and enriching individual learning and discovery paths, he hopes that the upcoming grant and extensive exploitation of the very recent New3S’s USA patent, “Method for production of a three-dimensional network site, network site obtained by this method, and method for navigating within or from such a network site” will lead to disruptive advancements in curricula.

Using NEW3S concepts and tools in prestigious international schools, universities, and large industrial companies is one of his goals.

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