Heffron Unveils Significant New Effort in Education


Heffron, an SMSF specialized advisory firm, is expanding its offering of webinar education series to include a new one targeted at professionals outside of the SMSF field.

The managing director of Heffron, Meg Heffron, stated that she collaborates with numerous accounting and advisory businesses that have a variety of specializations; some of these organizations do not have sufficient time or interest in super.

“A superannuation educator trying to educate people who don’t specialize in SMSFs and have no desire to do so might seem a little counterintuitive,” the spokesperson stated.

Even while many of the firms we work with don’t deal directly with SMSFs, they nevertheless require a high level of expertise because they speak with clients and small company owners all day long.

The goal of the ‘Super in 60’ webinar series is to give time-pressed professionals an overview of superannuation highlights, dangers, and opportunities so they can confidently speak with their clients and know when to direct them to their firm’s internal specialists when a superannuation issue arises.

According to Ms. Heffron, “We don’t think there’s anything like this in the market.”

“Those who actively participate in superannuation and SMSF advice or accounting have many educational options at their disposal, but after attending our training, they frequently assume a great deal of responsibility for informing their larger business of the most recent changes.”

She stated that Heffron intended to make the training available to a larger public because it has been very successful in recent years in offering useful, on-demand training to general tax specialists or business services accountants.

The six 60-minute webinars in the series will be presented by Heffron’s technical team of top industry educators and will be issued on a monthly basis.

The actuarial certificate service clients of the firm will have unrestricted access to the series at no cost.

“We are aware that a significant number of our accounting firms, in particular, struggle with the problem of sharing super knowledge among their staff members,” Ms. Heffron stated.

“Our actuarial service and this new series seem to be a perfect fit.”

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