Haliç University: Replenishing the Educational Sector with Diversity

Haliç University
Haliç University

In the world of education and its enrichments, change is the only constant. And adapting to that constant only adds to the threshold of challenges and future opportunities. The new generation is keen on pursuing numerous fields and thereby adhering to the changing dimension of the educational sector.

The modern world and its upcoming students mainly focus on entering university with global exposure leading them to new means of experience. While also contributing to different research associations and graduating under the shade of professionals to guide and mentor them in the right direction for their future endeavours, also opening doors of opportunities for prospective international students.

With the ideology of catering to design creativity and searching for solutions to different innovative perspectives, Rector Prof. Dr Zafer Utlu comes with a collective effort with the founders of Haliç University, with an open mind and vision of working towards meeting all the needs of upcoming generations.

Halic University aims to broaden the spectrum in various spectrums while accomplishing various missions of education ranging from health to engineering, architecture, and so much more. To prioritize research and initiative to achieve cross-border successes and gain spiritual satisfaction beyond means of professional achievements.

Let’s take a deeper dive and know more about Halic University!

Stepping Stones Towards Initiation of Halic

Being established in 1998, Halic University is one of the first foundation universities in Türkiye. It started its journey confidently in the education sector with its four faculties, four schools, a conservatory, and an institute within its first year of establishment. Today, they have nine faculties, one vocational school with several programs, an institute, and a conservatory.

Over the years, many novel fields and departments have been added to the programs of their university in line with the developments of relevant fields. Up to this day, they are constantly updating and rearranging their programs and curricula accordingly to the rapidly changing circumstances of the world.

Ventures of Halic University

Describing the vision of Halic University, he states, “Our vision is to become a leading global university that places ‘human’ in the center of its focus and attention while putting all the necessary effort to universalize this very goal.”

On the other hand, their mission is to raise competent, sensible, intelligent, and conscious individuals who are trained to bring about distinctive change in both academic and professional senses. They provide their students with distinguished education with their well-renowned academic staff.

Dr Utlu shares the specifications of Halic University, saying, “We believe that it needs a unique set of skills and a separate agenda to work on raising individuals that will not only be professionally and materially successful but also successful in terms of being an impactful global citizen that naturally spreads compassionate and humanitarian values in all contexts. We deeply value being human because it is what makes one achieve everything.”

Mentioning another core value, they have embraced ever since its establishment is its regard for constant development. In higher education, development can never pause at any given time. The material world, as well as the scientific world, is constantly evolving and developing.

Dr Utlu mentions Halic and its goals as an educational institution; they are certain that it is the main goal to constantly catch up with the changes in the world and contribute academically and scientifically to these developments. He further adds, “In this way, we are not only following the developments and adjusting accordingly, but we are also shaping and contributing to them.”

The Magnums Persona

The success of Haliç University has been achieved is the collective efforts of its founders, rectors, academicians, and administrative staff since the day it was established. Today, every academic and administrative unit works in harmony within itself and other units towards a single goal.

Currently, at Haliç, there is a tradition of conducting regular and frequent meetings where all units join and share their signs of progress, obstacles, successes, and milestones. Dr Utlu specifically states, “Such meetings allow the whole all units to be on the same page. If there is an obstacle to be solved, it is solved collectively. The professional hierarchy is very horizontal as every staff member’s opinion is valued, listened to, and implemented when necessary.”

Besides the planned organizational co-operation they have, Rector Prof. Dr Zafer Utlu and his prospective vision, as well as way of leading, have an impressive amount of impact on the ongoing and foreseeable successes of the university. Dr Utlu is an open-minded and innovative leader and academician that is always working towards advancement and progress. While doing that, he leaves no stone unturned to inspire those around him, especially their academic staff and his students.

Preaching Toward Student Enhancements

Besides offering a dynamic and international curriculum in every program, Haliç offers many programs that bolster the educational experience of students. At Haliç, they have a program called ‘Education Within the Sector’, which is a program that encourages students to benefit from work/internship opportunities in companies or firms that operate within their educational field.

As a university, they have bilateral agreements with many companies that refer the students to their gain first-hand experience in their professions before even graduating. Whether it is compulsory or not in their programs, students in every program can consult with their lecturers about benefiting from the ‘Education Within the Sector’ program.

Dr Utlu shares views on the issues students face, “We believe that education starts theoretically and gets completed practically. One of the hardest things that young graduates face is the lack of experience as they start applying for jobs; we intend to eliminate that obstacle for our students for good.”

Hindrance Along the Way

Sharing the insights from the previous years, Dr Utlu shares they had two major challenges, which they overcame smoothly. Firstly, the COVID-19 challenge faced by the entire world. Before the pandemic, they offered online-taught elective courses. Although, they did not have any distance education program. It was stressful to face initially when the lockdown started in Türkiye. They were one of the first universities to rapidly implement online education.

Dr Utlu shares the experiences mentioning, “We used our very own system and platform that was called Haliç-X. We are confident in our ability to adapt to change, especially that of a technological one.”

In the second week of lockdowns, they immediately set up their system and continued their classes without any hindrances. Classes were held, presentations were made, and tests were smoothly carried out. Dr Utlu’s affirmative tone indicates they were glad to have cleared off the worries of their students concerning their education in the global pandemic.

Soon after, they moved to a new campus and location the past year. Previously, they had three separate, medium-sized campuses around the city where their current and prospective students were acquainted with.

In the last year, they moved to another new location, which is about a 10-minute ride from the previous main campus.  This new campus is quite spacious, with 197.000 m2 of space. They have closed all our three other campuses. It was a huge challenge for their current students as they were already accommodated in housing that was suitable for them.

Dr Utlu shares, “We overcame this problem firstly by establishing student dormitories in our new campus, which we did not have before. We have also organized shuttle services for our students to and from the metro station nearby our campus. We have managed to reach all our prospective students and communicated ourselves in the right way to inform them about our move.”

The several options of public transportation, from buses to trams and the metro, have facilitated the adaptation of the students. Similarly, the campus visits of prospective students are very important to them. It didn’t even decrease in number after their move. Lastly, he concludes, “Feeling fortunate to have managed the shift in the best way possible.”

Upscaling with Approachable Higher Education

With the help of an online automation system, students can view and track their courses, access their schedules as well as entire course materials, communicate with their lecturers from an internal messaging system, view their scores, and even request electronically signed documents such as student certificates and transcripts. This allows students to engage with their academic life in an online world besides the physical one. They can always catch up with or stay updated on their progress through their automation systems.

Additionally, students can benefit from the various services of the library to conduct their research or reach any resource of their interest. They have subscribed to various international databases and have over 50,000 e-resources with open access for the students. Also, have an e-library where students can search for books and resources that they wish to borrow and can request resources that are not available. Haliç collects the students ‘requests and has a system where such requested resources are borrowed from other libraries to be shared with the requesting student. The university’s primary aim is always to facilitate the learning processes of the students.

Halic’s Special Holistic Provisions

Haliç University Career Centre offers several services and programs which students can benefit from. With their assistance, students can attend personalized interview simulations to prepare for the real world, get support in creating their resumes by having them checked by professionals, attend several professional seminars and workshops organized by the unit, and get assistance in their job application processes. The Career Centre provides personal support by appointment to all students who consult about their career plans and growth.

Exclusivities of Halic

Halic University offers the Erasmus+ Exchange program, which allows students to conduct their studies or internships all over Europe with bilateral agreements signed with over 160 universities and institutions. Any student who meets the basic criteria can apply for the program. Besides the Erasmus+ program.

Dr Utlu mentions, “We have a general global exchange program where they have signed over 50 MOUs in institutions of different, non-European countries such as Chile, Indonesia, Japan, USA, and many more.”

Over the years, they have been assisting several of the university’s students in carrying out their mobilities with the exchange programs, and all are proudly sharing their personal growth and gratitude in return.

Co-curricular of Halic Enhancing Skills of Students

Halic University comes with six faculties, and each faculty and department organizes various types of events for their students. Program co-ordinators and lecturers also often organize seminars, workshops, and networking events for students.

Shedding light on the co-curricular of Halic, Dr Utlu shares, “These events vary from field-based academic activities to more interdisciplinary ones. Often professionals from the sector are invited to the university to share their expertise with students.”

Describing yearly curricula, Dr Utlu mentions yearly basis, ‘Career Days’ are planned where students can meet founders and executive officers of several famous firms and share their resumes in person with representatives.

Similarly, graduates of departments are also invited to panels where students get the opportunity to share their honest experiences after graduation, serving as great insight for students who are just starting their journeys in the same departments. There are often week-long programs and workshops that students can join and receive a professional certificate upon completion.

Dr Utlu proudly mentions, “The Haliç University Continous Education Center offers weekly and even monthly courses in myriads of areas from professional gastronomy to foreign languages and from painting to storytelling. Interested students can join these courses besides their programs and earn professional certificates.”

Glaring Recognitions and Awards of Halic University

The continuing mission of education and research on the wide spectrum ranging from health, engineering, architecture, sports, and sciences since 20+ years of its establishment. In any country in the world, Haliç University is accredited and recognized by the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Dr Utlu mentions, “It is our adopted education system which is in line with the Bologna Process. We rank in the Top 600-800 in the category Quality of Education in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings.”

Talking about their pride in their students, Dr Utlu states, “Our students have won several awards in their fields while representing Haliç University. Especially in the fields of sports and recreation, our students/graduates have won hundreds of awards both at the national and international level.”

Adding furthermore, “There are several local and global champions in various areas of sports who have been trained by Haliç lecturers.”

Manifesting the Future Vision

Sharing the vision of a fruitful future, Dr Utlu states, “We envision a future where our increased success can be observed in the successes of our students and graduates.”

Elaborating on an ideal future where students carry the Haliç vision and values with them, portray it in their professional accomplishments, and make intellectual contributions to academia with them.

He further concludes by saying, “We envision Haliç University values spreading nationally and internationally with valuable and solid indicators of success and achievement.”


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