Graduation Week Celebrated in Lancaster University


At Lancaster University, graduation week officially began today. This is a happy occasion for our students, faculty, and staff as we come together to celebrate success.

Over the next few days, more than 3,000 degrees will be awarded either in person or virtually.

Four deserving people will receive honorary degrees, which are presented to those who have distinguished themselves internationally in their area and to those who have rendered particularly valuable service to the university or its territories.

Additionally, alumni awards will be handed to four previous Lancaster students. These honour Lancaster graduates who have made a significant contribution to their subject and have distinguished themselves among their colleagues on a national or international level.

A public research institution by the name of Lancaster institution is located in Lancaster, Lancashire, England. The institution was established in 1964 by royal charter and was one of many new universities that were established in the 1960s.

Lancaster University is a residential collegiate institution, and the colleges have limited autonomy. The eight undergraduate colleges each have their own living halls, common areas, staff members, and pubs. They are all named after locations in the ancient county of Lancashire.

For the previous ten years, Lancaster has been among the top fifteen in each of the three national league tables, and it was awarded a Gold grade in the government’s first Teaching Excellence Framework, which was released in 2017. The organisation made £357.9 million in revenue for the years 2021–2022, of which £48.1 million came from grants and contracts for research.

However, it also spent £402.9 million. Lancaster is a member of the N8 Group of research universities, which also includes Durham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, and York Universities. Visitor to the university was Elizabeth II, Duke of Lancaster. Alan Milburn has served as chancellor since 2015.

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