Government Turing Scheme Helps Disadvantaged Students


Over 40,000 people in the UK will have the life-changing chance to study or work abroad in more than 160 different countries.

As part of the government’s flagship Turing Scheme, disadvantaged students are expected to apply for two-thirds of the worldwide study and employment opportunities accessible as of September.

Building on the success of the previous two years, more than two-thirds of these placements—up from 51% last year—are for people from underprivileged and disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting social mobility in areas of the UK where there have traditionally been fewer opportunities to work and study abroad. The allocation for disadvantaged students in further education is even larger this year, accounting for 71% of placements in the industry.

With more than 22,800 placements in higher education, over 6,700 in schools, and more than 10,500 in further and vocational education and training, the Turing Scheme increases access to possibilities for education and training on an international scale.

With more applications being accepted this year than ever before and significantly more interest from colleges and schools in the programme, including a nearly 50% increase in the number of successful applications in the FE sector, universities, colleges, and schools across the nation will receive a share of almost £105 million to offer placements to their students.

Minister for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education Robert Halfon said, “Once again, this transformational scheme is extending the ladder of opportunity for more young people to experience other cultures and learn vital skills for life and work, regardless of their background.”

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