Fungai Ndemera: Making Healthcare Truly Equitable

Fungai Ndemera
Fungai Ndemera

Fungai Ndemera is not just a successful multi-entrepreneur, angel investor, and business mentor but a beacon of inspiration and change in the realm of healthcare and technology. Her unwavering commitment to addressing health inequalities has driven her to the forefront of innovation and mentorship. As the Founder of CheckUp Health, an NHS-approved health AI-driven platform, Fungai has embarked on a mission to make healthcare truly equitable and accessible to all. Her journey, marked by resilience and purpose, is a testament to her belief that one’s background should never limit one’s potential. Fungai’s influence extends far beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors.

The profound inspiration behind Fungai Ndemera’s journey as a mentor can be traced to a profound commitment to addressing health inequalities. As a successful multi-entrepreneur, angel investor, and business mentor, Fungai’s path has been guided by a fervent belief that no one should be denied equal access to healthcare opportunities. This dedication stems from the realization that health inequalities are unjust and have no rightful place in society.

Promoting Inclusive Digital Transformation

Central to Fungai’s passion is her role as the founder of CheckUp Health. This pioneering digital solution aims to bridge gaps and promote inclusive digital transformation. By providing a one-stop multilingual clinical system, CheckUp Health empowers patients to take charge of their health while facilitating improved appointment access and chronic disease management for GP Practices. Through this venture, Fungai endeavors to make healthcare truly equitable and accessible to all.

This journey, characterized by innovation and purpose, is supported by Fungai’s academic background and diverse team of healthcare professionals. Together, they successfully introduced remote monitoring modules to the CheckUp Health app during the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating their commitment to adaptable and responsive healthcare solutions.

Fostering the Next Generation of Tech Role Models

As a mentor, Fungai’s guiding principle is to foster the next generation of tech role models, especially for females from diverse backgrounds. Her belief in the transformative power of positive role models led her to contribute to the book “The Voice in the Shadow,” which showcases the remarkable journeys of Black women who have made an indelible impact on the tech industry in the UK.

Fungai’s dedication extends to various platforms, including her YouTube channel with over 100 thousand followers, where she shares insights and knowledge to inspire aspiring tech enthusiasts. Collaborations with institutions like Wolverhampton University and active participation in the Women in Business Network reflect her commitment to driving positive change and inclusivity within the tech ecosystem.

Earning Accolades

Recognizing the importance of advocacy and education, Fungai engages in public speaking engagements, shedding light on equality and diversity in tech. Her dedication has earned her accolades, including the Innovate UK award for the project “CheckUp Health – Saving Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Lives” and The Great British Entrepreneur Spirit Award. In the spirit of giving back, she sponsors initiatives like “The Voices In The Shadow” book, donate remote health monitors to empower individuals in health management, and organize an annual digital entrepreneurship and innovation summit.

Fungai’s journey as a mentor is intrinsically woven into this broader mission of driving positive change, ensuring health equity, and empowering individuals to pursue their aspirations regardless of their background. Through her commitment, she strives to create a lasting impact on individuals and society at large.

Fuelling the Drive to Succeed

With over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, digital transformation, culture, and racially diverse communities’ health behaviors, Fungai’s journey has been one of relentless determination and unwavering commitment. Arriving in the UK as an immigrant with limited English proficiency and a GCSE-level education presented significant challenges. However, these obstacles fueled her drive to succeed and make a meaningful impact.

Despite the odds, Fungai managed to rise above these challenges and emerge as a triumphant businesswoman and innovator, establishing and running three successful businesses in the UK. This journey has been marked by the belief that one’s background should not determine their potential. Instead, it is the perseverance, dedication, and willingness to learn and adapt that shape one’s path.

In Fungai’s public speaking engagements, she employs a set of strategic approaches designed to inspire and encourage her audience effectively.

Fungai believes that personal stories resonate deeply with audiences. She shares her journey, challenges, and triumphs authentically, connecting on a human level and showing that success is achievable despite obstacles.

Fungai incorporates relatable examples and anecdotes to bridge the gap between complex concepts and the audience’s own experiences. This helps her see the practical applications of the messages they convey.

Creating an Engaging Environment

Fungai infuses her talks with positive energy and enthusiasm. This not only captures attention but also creates an engaging and uplifting atmosphere that encourages the audience to be open to new ideas and possibilities.

She structures her speeches with a clear beginning, middle, and end. This ensures a logical flow of information and helps the audience follow along, making it easier for them to grasp key takeaways.

Fungai uses visual aids like slides, infographics, and videos to enhance understanding and engagement. Visual elements can simplify complex topics, reinforce key points, and maintain audience interest. To keep the audience engaged, Fungai includes interactive elements such as questions, polls, and discussions. This fosters participation and encourages attendees to think more deeply about the subject matter.

Fungai emphasizes messages of empowerment and resilience. By sharing strategies for overcoming challenges, she empowers the audience to believe in her potential and take action toward the goals.

Resonating with Wider Audience

Considering the diverse backgrounds of her audience, Fungai approaches her talks with cultural sensitivity. This ensures that her messages resonate with a wide range of individuals and respect different perspectives. She encourages the audience to visualize success and the positive impact they can make. By creating a vivid mental image of their aspirations, she motivates them to pursue their goals with determination.

Fungai creates a safe space for questions and discussions. This fosters an environment where the audience feels comfortable seeking clarification sharing their thoughts, and engaging in meaningful dialogue.

Fungai customizes her talks to address the specific interests and needs of the audience. This ensures that the content is relevant and directly applicable to their context.

After her talks, Fungai provides follow-up resources such as handouts, recommended readings, or online platforms where attendees can continue their learning journey.

By combining these strategies, Fungai aims to inspire and encourage her audience effectively, leaving them with a sense of empowerment, motivation, and a renewed belief in their potential for positive change.

Pooling Together a Rich Tapestry of Programs

Fungai Ndemera serves as a board member on a few startups that are in health tech in the UK. She is a member of the Digital Healthcare Council and also a member of the NHS AI lab. This innovative platform serves as a melting pot where diverse minds converge, sparking synergies and driving the development of AI systems within health and care. By pooling together, a rich tapestry of programs, the NHS AI Lab directly addresses the barriers that have impeded the evolution of AI solutions in the healthcare ecosystem.

Fungai’s involvement with the NHS AI Lab offers her a unique vantage point, allowing her to tap into a wealth of expertise, resources, and insights. This collaborative environment empowers Fungai to not only stay up to date with the latest advancements but also actively contribute to shaping the trajectory of AI’s integration into healthcare. As a female founder, Fungai is committed to being a catalyst for positive change, driving innovation that serves the well-being of all individuals.

Before a speech, Fungai channels nerves into positive energy. Deep breaths help her stay grounded. Visualization of success and reminding herself of the message’s importance boosts her confidence. Practicing extensively ensures she is well-prepared. Connecting with the audience through eye contact and smiles dispels anxiety. Embracing imperfections and viewing nervousness as a sign of passion keeps her authentic. She remembers that the audience is rooting for her success.

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