FAO: Nutrition Education Necessary for Children

Nutrition Education

A generation that is resistant to non-communicable diseases can be fostered by making investments in nutrition education and encouraging the growing of fresh vegetables.

In her remarks during the commissioning of the “Climate-Smart Agriculture and Resilient School Garden Project” earlier this week at the Navesau Adventist High School, Joann Young, a representative of Food and Agriculture for the United Nations, emphasized this.

Young claims that the FAO wants to give Fiji’s younger population the ability to combat lifestyle disorders like diabetes and hypertension by encouraging the cultivation of wholesome, local products.

“The FAO agenda is to help people or help countries, help our partners and to work with schools like Navesou to develop this pattern of healthy eating.”

According to Young, teaching kids the value of cultivating their own fruits and veggies would foster a lifetime appreciation for good eating practices.

The joint initiative, run by the FAO and supported by the Canadian government, offers useful instruction, drip irrigation systems, and other tools to support sustainable gardening techniques.

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization is a specialized body that directs global initiatives to end hunger and enhance nutrition and food security. Established in 1945, FAO motto is based on the latin words, Fiat panis, that translates into “let there be bread.”

For millions of people worldwide, FAO aids governments and partners in developing the best policies and programs to eradicate hunger, advance food security, and support sustainable agriculture.

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