Expansion Of Tribal Education, Culture, Discussed at J’khand TAC Meet

The third meeting of the Tribal Advisory Committee (TAC), chaired by Chief Minister Hemant Soren, discussed the expansion of tribal education, culture, as well as tradition, along with the safeguarding of rights. The committee has determined to promote eco-tourism while protecting the state’s ecology as well as tribal culture.

During the conference, nine items were reviewed, and it was resolved to improve the income of forest inhabitants by acquiring minor forest produce in big quantities from them, according to an official release.

According to the statement, a strategy would be developed for tribal language education from grades 1 to 5, as well as for promoting the maximum usage of tribal languages through research conducted by the Dr. Ramdayal Munda Tribal Welfare Research Institute. The committee members stated that the process of appointing tribal language teachers should be accelerated, as well as positions should be established as needed.

“The meeting also decided on getting more and more text books translated in tribal languages and distributed in schools. In addition, the process of appointment of teachers of tribal languages should be expedited. Posts should also be created as per the requirement,” said the release.

The committee also decided that the recommendation of the standing of the Municipalities (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Bill, 2021.

As per the release, “Recommendation of the Standing Committee of The Municipalities (Extension to the Scheduled Areas) Bill, 2021 was initially recommended to be deleted, but after discussion, it was decided to send the recommendation to keep the said provision intact to the Union government. Along with this, it was also decided that no decision should be taken against the protection of tribal interests.”

The members also discussed the tribal protest over the elimination of the tribal reservation of the Ranchi mayor’s seat. The state electoral commission announced on November 17 that the seat of Ranchi mayor, which was formerly designated for ST women, would now be reserved for SC candidates.

Various tribal organizations burned the effigy of the state electoral commission in Ranchi’s Albert Ekka Chowk, demanding the restoration of tribal quotas for the Ranchi mayor. According to TAC members, the subject was discussed at the meeting, but no decision was made.

Based on environmental adaptation, it was also chosen to promote eco-tourism while maintaining the ecosystem as well as tribal culture.

The meeting also recommended that the Sido-Kanhu Agriculture and Forest Produce State Cooperative Union Limited work for the purchase as well as the sale of minor forest produce, with the goal of increasing the maximum income of people living in forest areas by widely buying and selling minor forest produce.

It also stressed the distribution of maximum community pattas as well as the use of maximum forest land in compliance with the Forest Department’s regulations and environment as per the Forest Rights Act 2006.

“Horopathy a form of tribal medicine tradition, should be included in AYUSH by creating a scientific laboratory like CSIR along with its scientific analysis, study, research, publication,” the meeting decided.

After careful consultations with the relevant agencies as well as stakeholders, a decision on the draft Jharkhand Panchayat Provisions Extension Rules, 2022 for Scheduled Areas should be made in near future.

It was also resolved that a policy should be developed after reviewing the rules of other states for granting loans to tribal youth with repayment terms of more than five years, following a state-level conference with banks.

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