Encouraging Olympic Values-Centered learning in China


An agreement is signed by the IOC and the Beijing Olympic City Development Association to promote Olympic values-based education throughout China. The Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) and the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage (OFCH) inked a Memorandum of Understanding in April to encourage youth in China to embrace the Olympic principles via sports and education. In order to assist in the execution of the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) in the wake of this new agreement, BODA and the OFCH, which oversees the program, together arranged a three-day OVEP Train-the-Trainer workshop in Beijing, China.

Thirteen Chinese cultural and educational institutes sent 37 participants to the event, which took place on April 24 and 26. It gave educators and facilitators the know-how and resources they needed to apply the program’s lessons—which are based on the Olympic ideals of friendship, excellence, and respect—into their local communities and professional settings.

Experiential learning was integrated into the sessions to encourage learning via play. Five educational themes were the focus of their instruction: the quest of greatness; learning to play fair; practicing respect; balancing the body, will, and mind; and discovering the joy of effort via sport and physical activity.

Olympic values were nothing new to Dianchanglu Primary School PE teacher Xiaojun Shi. Given that Beijing served as the host city for both the Olympic Winter Games and the Olympic Games, his school in the Shijingshan neighborhood of Beijing has been promoting them for a number of years. He was happy to have the chance to study in a more participatory manner.

The Olympic values are something we have been studying on paper. I now have a deeper comprehension of the Olympic principles thanks to the three days of in-person instruction. I will now make an effort to put everything I have learnt here into practice and impart it all to my kids so they can acquire the principles from me. The teacher of Dianchanglu Primary School is Xiaojun ShiPE.

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