Education Secretary Gillian Keegan: Ban on Mobile Phones will “Empower” Headteachers

Gillian Keegan
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Education Secretary Gillian Keegan has declared that the use of mobile phones will be prohibited throughout the school day in England. In an interview with GB News, she explained, “We are facing a problem of inconsistency. While some schools have already implemented this policy and headteachers have reported positive impacts on behavior, concentration, and academic performance, others have not. We estimate that approximately half of schools currently have a complete ban.”

“Our aim is to establish consistency across schools,” Keegan continued, “to empower headteachers to enforce this policy and ensure that mobile phones are not used during the school day, including breaks and lunchtime, as is the case in some schools currently.”

During a discussion on Breakfast with Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster, she elaborated, stating, “Many schools currently enforce a policy where phones must remain in bags, and any violation results in confiscation and detention. While this approach can be effective, our goal is to fundamentally shift the culture in our schools to one where phones are not permitted. Several other countries have already implemented similar policies.”

She further remarked, “There have been recent calls for social media and smartphones to be restricted for younger individuals. Implementing a ban on phones in schools is a proactive step towards setting a social norm and promoting a focused learning environment.”

“People will engage in conversations, including between parents and children, to acknowledge that if the school deems it inappropriate for phone use during the day, it’s important to adhere to those limitations. This is something that I hope will establish new societal norms.

“While technology undoubtedly offers numerous advantages, such as the ability to track the whereabouts of individuals, there are also benefits to smartphones. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance. Many parents and teachers feel that this balance has been tipped too far in favor of excessive phone usage.”

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