Education Ministry with Tempo Institute Launch Book on Vocational Education


On Monday, Tempo Institute held the launch of a book named “Mendobrak Mitos: 20 Kisah Inspiratif Pendidikan Vokasi” at the National Library. The book contains 20 inspirational tales of vocational education. The book, which was started by the Tempo Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, aims to remove the stigma associated with vocational education, which is frequently undervalued.

According to Qaris Tajudin, Director of Tempo Institute, the book was inspired by his conversations with campaigners for vocational education, who made him realise how many changes had occurred in vocational schools.

In the Indonesian National Library‘s auditorium in Jakarta, Qaris stated that “many innovations [in vocational education institutions] don’t emerge in other schools.”

He used the group study technique adopted by Uuf Brajawidagda’s Batam Polytechnic as an illustration.

The pupils are gathered in groups. Each group includes of students from several classes and different study programmes, not just those in the same class. There are therefore students from semesters 1, 2, and 3 in this group, he stated.

According to Qaris, lecturers serve as facilitators rather than content providers in the learning activities. The instructors don’t explain the project they show. When [students] get into an issue, they help.

This would allow for effective learning at Batam Polytechnic, which has 200 teachers and thousands of students. “Teachers don’t serve as students’ feeders. Therefore, a lot has changed. an uprising. In universities, it doesn’t exist, according to Qaris.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Nadiem Makarim, noted that it is necessary for such an inspirational work to appear amid the constant barrage of news about issues, conflicts, and brawls. If there is no book like this, “the reality of our country will not erupt and be uplifted,” he asserted.

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