Edtech Startup Sinorbis Launches Atlas a Pan-Asian Marketing Platform


Edtech startup Sinorbis has launched an initiative called Atlas as a pan-Asian marketing platform. The platform will enable universities to broadcast material across Asia on all media and communicate with their audiences. Clients will be able to interact with media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook in India, as well as Zalo in Vietnam, Kakao in Korea, LINE in Taiwan, WeChat in China, Telegram in Indonesia, Telegram in Singapore, and WeChat.

Early in 2023, Project Atlas will debut across Asia, and all Sinorbis customers will be invited to participate as beta testers. The business anticipates that its five-year success in the Chinese market will serve as a model for future expansion into other geographies.

The next phase of expansion will concentrate on the key target markets of India and Vietnam, with Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, and Singapore as well as South Korea and Japan being crucial markets to further penetrate.

The Asian market is extremely complicated in that it requires one to consider the various ways that students engage in different countries. Due to the lack of a single digital marketing platform or channel that allows interaction with the entirety of Asia, Sinorbis wished to expand its services through Atlas to the entire continent.

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