Dynamics International School: Providing Unique Educational Pathways with International Curriculum

Dynamics International School

Elementary education is the foundation of development. Primary school is where children learn the fundamental skills that will prepare them for life, job, and active citizenship. Excellent education empowers children and adolescents, protects their health and well-being, and breaks the cycle of poverty. It also gives countries more authority, bringing economic prosperity and social cohesiveness.

These advantages stem from enrolling children in school and ensuring that they study to their maximum capacity.

Dynamics International School (DIS) is a privately owned school with a limited number of students that offers reasonably priced fees for children requiring specialized assistance. DIS caters to children between 5 and 12 years old and provides a high-quality curriculum for mainstream and special education. The school employs Cambridge and the International Primary Curriculum to teach preschool and primary education, incorporating thematic topics across multiple subject areas.

With small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios, students actively participate in their learning. All teachers are trained in Special Education and work within a Transdisciplinary team of Occupational, Speech, Educational, Behavioral and Psychological Therapists who collaborate in teaching specific skills, both academic, such as mathematics and literacy, and life skills, such as communication, self-regulation, and emotional awareness. Dynamics International School’s greatest strength lies in its collaboration, which enhances students’ confidence and fosters a love of learning.

Making Learning a Pleasurable Experience

Dynamics International School is a one-of-a-kind private school for children in the first through sixth grades who need academic assistance or would benefit from a different form of instruction. Learning is a pleasurable experience, and kids in the school realize great academic advances as well as enhanced self-confidence. Furthermore, this school has special education and licenced teachers on staff to assist with any issues that may arise with Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Psychology.

Taking Personalized Learning to a Whole New Level

Dynamics International School believes in providing customized attention to each student’s needs, including social and emotional development. Families that enrol their children with the school can be confident that they will develop into capable learners, keeping in mind that their learning journey will necessitate a distinct and diverse method.

The school makes sure that everyone has a safe and supportive environment.

It also believes that delivering dynamic and high-quality teaching and learning experiences can achieve positive learning outcomes. It has to accept and celebrate the diversity of persons and cultures.

As an inclusive mainstream school, it accepts students of any race, language, religion, or educational need that can be met within the school’s resources.

Preparing Students to Defy All the Odds

The vision of the school is to enable students and teachers to be capable enough to face the world with expanded talents and without restricting beliefs.

It believes in establishing a new benchmark in inclusive education by assisting each student in defying the odds and reaching their full potential throughout their lives.

Before placing the student in a suitable class, a placement evaluation will be performed to determine the student’s level of aptitude and needs.

Providing Extra Support

Involvement of therapists: The school needs to highlight the involvement of therapists for students at Dynamics International School. These hours with therapists are provided for each student within tuition fees without additional charges. The therapies include Speech, Occupational, Educational, and Behavioural Therapy. One-on-one therapy for any of its services is also available for those that need extra support.

Expanding the Capabilities

The school is located on Orchard Road in Singapore’s shopping centre and has a distinctive class size of 4 to 8 kids per class dispersed across 3 to 4 classrooms. The total floor space for its students uses 160.43 sqm, which is more than enough for several activities and classes to take place simultaneously. It is currently able to begin admission for the lower levels, reception to Grade 3 classes first, and plans to relocate to a larger campus as student enrollment grows. Students will currently have access to an indoor play space as well as other educational and rehabilitation services as needed within the same facility.

  • Indoor Therapy Gym
  • Occupational Therapist Offices and Services
  • Speech & Language Therapist Offices and Services
  • Indoor Play Areas for Play, Lessons and Physical Education Activities

Qualitative Assessments

Dynamics International School (DIS) students are evaluated qualitatively. The student reports include a description of the student’s personal attributes provided by the school. The assessment identifies the student’s personal qualities as well as areas where they have demonstrated developing maturity or development. Students who finish their education with DIS by the age of 18 are eligible for a Certificate of Graduation.

Every DIS student gets an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) outlining which Educational Goals will be prioritized for that student during the academic year. The ILP goals include the IPC Learning Objectives for the appropriate milepost as well as the objectives defined by the team working with the student.

Socio-Emotional Learning

The school provides Socio-Emotional Learning. Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) refers to abilities that are an important aspect of education and human development, with a focus on the child’s inner well-being. Soft skills learned and acquired through SEL are essential to a child’s personal and social development. This also assists children in developing abilities such as,

  • Social consciousness
  • Decision-making abilities in relationships
  • Self-management
  • Self-awareness

Enhancing Academic Performances with Extracurricular Activities

There is widespread knowledge that extracurricular activities can enhance a student’s academic performance. Additionally, they help a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and artistic growth. According to research, co-curricular activities allow students from various grades the chance to engage with one another, fostering the growth of interpersonal skills and lifelong friendships.

Additionally, it significantly raises their self-esteem. This has a favorable effect on student performance in the classroom. Additionally, it gives students the chance to extend their learning outside of the classroom by being involved in their communities. This improves their academic performance and makes them more ready for the next phase of their lives.

Co-curricular activities, in the opinion of Dynamics International School, are crucial to a student’s overall growth.

A wide range of CCAs are offered to its students. These include:

  • Music
  • Lego
  • Language Arts
  • Soccer

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