Dubai schools state up to 90% re-enrolment for the following school year

Dubai schools

Due to the interest of a number of families in maintaining their child’s enrollment at their current school, some Dubai schools claim enrollment rates of up to 90% for the upcoming academic year.

Foundations likewise show a hopeful take-up in new enrollments for the following scholarly year as the application cycle of new affirmations is in progress.

Statement from Dubai Schools

Lisa Johnson, American Academy for Girls’ principal, stated: 92% of our students are currently on the list for re-registration, which is still ongoing. Only two families have indicated that they will not be attending the following school year. The children from both families are moving to other Taaleem schools that are closer to home.

Sarah Hollingworth, vice-principal at GEMS Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis, shared similar sentiments: Up to 90% of our families will continue to attend WSO for the upcoming school year, indicating a strong reenrollment rate.

We are a lot of anticipating inviting new joiners to WSO for the scholarly year 2023-24. Nearly 350 children have already registered to join our community in September, indicating a positive surge in enrollment, she added.

The following was stated by Uptown International School Dubai principal Rob Commons: At the beginning of this term, we saw a significant increase, with 30 new students starting today and more starting in the coming days. This is a significant increase from last year when there were only eight new starters in Term 3, and it reflects our growing community reputation, as our Knowledge and Human Resources Development Authority (KHDA) inspection a few weeks ago demonstrated.

Parents are being urged to make a decision as soon as possible by principals of schools that have typically seen a consistent increase in the number of students who register for the upcoming school year. This is due to the fact that schools that have received high ratings from the KHDA inspection may soon have their vacant spots filled.

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