Dr. SASA Arsovski: Pioneering AI and Robotics Innovations in Education

Dr. SASA Arsovski
Dr. SASA Arsovski

The world is undergoing tremendous changes in the wide ranges of industries in the current era of artificial intelligence and robotics. Due to the fact that they have facilitated the expedition of a thriving economy and sustainable business growth, these changes are not only significant but also broad. The artificial intelligence (AI) tools that are so beneficial to use today are the product of the diligence and commitment of bright people who have invested their time, effort, and hard work in developing these tools and carrying out indepth research to guarantee their effective application. A revolutionary technological revolution is thus witnessed.

Associate Professor Dr. Sasa Arsovski is one of the brightest minds in this realm, whose journey to the position of Dean in the AI & Robotics Department of the prestigious Raffles University began with a deep love for robotics and artificial intelligence. As a researcher, he adds to the body of knowledge about emerging technologies within academia by publishing a large number of papers in respected conferences and journals.

He has worked simultaneously on cooperative projects with business partners to use robotics and AI to solve practical issues. Through his practical experience, he can facilitate innovation and technological advancements by bridging the gap between academia and industry. His dedication to teaching and mentoring brought him numerous faculty leadership positions, culminating in his appointment as dean.

Producing Industry-Ready Students

Beyond just imparting theoretical knowledge, Dr. Sasa believes that education should be given to students. In the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, practical, hands-on experience is essential, so he promotes striking a balance between theory and application. “This approach guarantees that our graduates possess the necessary practical skills required in the real-world industry, in addition to their knowledge,” he says.

He and the institute’s staff want to produce technically skilled professionals who know how their work affects society. Strong ties with industry partners are a priority for him to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Internships, guest lecturers from industry experts, and collaborative projects enhance the institute’s educational programs.

An Innovative Approach to Education

Instead of being an obligation, learning should be exploratory and productive—a process that leads to enlightenment. According to Dr. Sasa, computer science, engineering, neuroscience, ethics, and robotics are just a few fields where AI and robotics frequently intersect. Students are exposed to a broader range of viewpoints and skill sets when interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged, which equips them for the variety of challenges they may face in the workplace.

Among the academic staff, Dr. Sasa also supports and advances MyAI-lecturer, an innovative AI-powered learning tool. Lesson delivery and learning support are provided by an AI-powered replica of the instructor. Between students and the AI instructor clone, this platform enables two-way communication. Students are captivated and more engaged with the material using this authentic teaching method.

A Responsible Leader

By their practical and strategic planning, the leaders of an educational institution are accountable for fostering a supportive and productive learning environment for both the faculty and the students. Dr. Sasa’s leadership style as the Dean of the AI & Robotics Faculty at Raffles University is distinguished by a blend of visionary guidance, collaboration, and a dedication to cultivating an innovative and inclusive learning environment.

He attempts to present a clear picture of the future objectives and aspirations of the AI and Robotics Faculty. This vision gives the staff, faculty, and students a sense of direction and purpose by acting as a guiding framework.

As Dr. Sasa puts it, “I am trying to provide a clear vision for the future of the AI & Robotics Faculty, outlining our goals and aspirations.”

Strategies to Enhance the Learning Experience

Dr. Sasa uses various tactics to guarantee the professional development and cooperation of the institute’s teaching staff. He regularly plans workshops, seminars, and training sessions to improve teachers’ subject matter and methodological knowledge and abilities. To introduce faculty to the newest developments and research in AI and robotics education and encourage their attendance at national and international conferences.

Include educators in the decision-making process for developing curricula, improving existing programs, and pursuing other academic endeavors. His objective is to foster a collaborative environment where academic staff members feel empowered to keep improving themselves, give back to the academic community, and give students an engaging educational experience.

Crafting a Student-Centric Environment

Dr. Sasa advocates personalized learning approaches to help students customize their educational experiences according to their interests, strengths, and career goals. He emphasizes the use of technology to improve the educational process by giving students easy access to resources and materials.

Dr. Sasa and his team use their ground-breaking MyAI-lecturer platform to accomplish this. The platform customizes every student’s learning experience. The system uses the AI clone’s conversation history with the students to gauge each student’s comprehension and generate customized homework assignments. This creative approach will give students jobs appropriate to their learning style and pace.

A Focus on Community Engagement

Raffles University started outreach initiatives in which instructors and students gave workshops and educational materials to neighbourhood community centers and schools.

Dr. Sasa lists a few of the programs, including the international Raffles Python coding challenge for high school students during National Training Week, which the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia hosts, and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, which is taught in Chinese to students at Foon Yew Chinese Independent School in Johor Bahru. Raffle University promotes involvement in the community by doing this.

Leadership Challenges

Leadership provides its own set of difficulties in the dynamic field of education. Assuring that instructors and students were adequately equipped for the shifts was the most significant obstacle Dr. Sasa had to overcome in order to integrate and transition to new technologies.

Reevaluating the function of lecturers in today’s classroom is necessary to achieve this. Nevertheless, as the cutting-edge MyAIlecturer platform’s capabilities advance, teachers will eventually be relieved of more workloads.

Consequently, lecturers will play a reduced role as MyAI-lecturers take over knowledge delivery. As a result, teachers will be able to design and facilitate learning activities, critical thinking, creativity, interpersonal collaboration, and social values. The biggest challenge was preparing a strategy for how to transform lecturer roles and how lecturers might prepare to work in AI-powered education. He overcame those challenges by continuing to educate lecturers and faculty members.

Experience is the Best Inspiration

Dr. Sasa’s leadership journey was not influenced by any particular mentors. Instead, he took lessons from his mistakes. In order to succeed as a leader, he advises aspiring leaders to accept obstacles and failures as a necessary part of the process, view obstacles as teaching moments, and get help when needed.

Fostering Inclusivity and Equality

As dean, Dr. Sasa ensures everyone’s progress and justice. Raffles University advocates for inclusivity and equity. Under the motto “connecting cultures, creating community,” the university has been organizing Cultural Day for the past few years. Additionally, they lower the cost of education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds by utilizing their MyAI-lecturer platform.

In Search of Knowledge

Learning is not restricted; it’s a continuous process that illuminates life. Dr. Sasa’s motto shows dedication to education and readiness to try out novel techniques and technologies. He establishes the expectation that everyone is a lifelong learner and works to assist faculty and staff in viewing professional development as a lifelong journey.

Prestigious Achievements and Recognitions

Acknowledging and rewarding effort is crucial because it inspires people and increases output. It enhances company culture and fosters a positive work atmosphere.

Raffles University is recognized and honored in several categories, including scholarly achievement, contributions to research, creative teaching strategies, and community involvement.

Its reputation is enhanced by these awards, which draw attention from potential students and create a sense of pride among faculty, staff, and students. They also foster a positive and motivated learning environment.

Upcoming Technologies

The upgrades are pretty continuous in the sphere of AI and Robotics. Under the visionary guidance of Dr. Sasa, Raffles University is leading in the implementation of AI technologies in the teaching and learning process.

As mentioned previously, the institute has developed a revolutionary AI-driven online learning and teaching platform. The platform uses AI-prepared lessons and lecturer clones to deliver knowledge.

The MyAI-driven platform is not just another educational tool but a transformative lever for universities and educational institutions. MyAI-lecturer platform extends education beyond physical boundaries by delivering exciting online lessons, encouraging active student participation, and adapting lessons and assignments to each student, promoting effective and personalized learning experiences.

By focusing on AI and a personalized teaching approach, this platform offers a range of functionalities and multimedia that empower educators and students to achieve exceptional results. Raffles University lecturers use this platform to support teaching and additional learning resources for students.

Dr. Sasa has displayed remarkable leadership qualities that have had a transformative effect on the institute. His unique vision, coupled with a solid commitment to technology, has infused new energy into the organization. His passion for improving the educational experience for young learners is contagious and has helped to create a culture of excitement and innovation. Under his guidance, the institute has made significant strides toward achieving its goals, and he has proven himself to be a truly exceptional leader.

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