Dr Prem Adheesh Lekhi: A Man with a Caring Heart and Hands of God

Dr Prem Adheesh Lekhi
Dr Prem Adheesh Lekhi

As humans, everyone is in search of the meaning of life and to find the mission assigned to them in this universe. Though it might not be a realization through search, but the emotions attached to the work are often seen as omens or signs proving ‘this is why I was born.

Though it might seem like spiritual involvement to some, it is purely job satisfaction and love for the field for others. In both cases, the individual involved usually proceeds to provide remarkable results and, in many cases, imprints a forever mark on the field.

When Charles Bukowski said, “Find what you love and let it kill you”, he must have probably meant it in this context. Engrossing in work in such a way that one no longer remains, the work and the person then are each other’s identities.

One of such identities whose deep marks are imprinted in the field of Medical Science and Research is Dr Prem Adheesh Lekhi. Assuming various roles over the period of 30 years in his career, he has given largess to the medical field and society. His belief in himself and devotion to his field make him one of the most influential thought leaders.

Entrance to the Field

As a person of mixed origins, Dr Lekhi is devoted to both his fatherland India and his motherland Malaysia. He considers himself to be fortunate and therefore devotes his success to his parents, who were also his first teachers.

To Dr Lekhi, progress is the by-product of the study and research he began at home. He believes in serving the soil of birth and thus feels responsible for the societies he was raised in. Despite the wide exposure and plenty of opportunities, he did not move abroad to the west, where the pastures were greener and to where most of the people were attracted.

Dr Lekhi is a humanitarian doctor in an international NGO. He is quite respected in this noble profession and has been serving the world for the past three decades as a healthcare professional in various regions across the world. With time he has undertaken numerous roles and responsibilities along with leading teams with his marvellous leadership skills.

As the world was struck by the COVID19 pandemic, among the heroes who saved lives and worked continuously was Dr Lekhi as a part of the Doc2US COVID19 Task Force. Apart from this, he has also been part of several other projects, selflessly serving the world and societies. He truly is an inspiration for many, just like he aspires to be.

Mission For the Life

As a witness to the devastating effects of climate, Dr Lekhi’s ongoing medical mission is for the ‘Recovery and Rehabilitation Phase.’ He is very keen on the re-establishment of the affected areas and, at the same time, is pleased with the support of the people around the world.

The brighter side of mankind could be seen as all the religious bodies, associations, government agencies, and medical organizations coming together to help affected people, reminding them of the human’s moral duty.

Dr Lekhi looks forward to spreading this feeling further through his work.

Contributing to Society

While Dr Lekhi led numerous medical campaigns, he also worked as a volunteer in many projects encouraging altruism. His contribution to the medical sector is great as he worked towards complementing health services for the societies that were in need of it. Apart from the health sector, his contribution to society has been remarkable.

Dr Lekhi is part of many organizations devoted to social welfare, education, and community services. He not only donated to organizations but also participated in various activities regarding people’s welfare. This contribution of his has deservedly won numerous awards.

Awards and Annotations

Dr Lekhi has bagged various awards to his name throughout his career for his efforts and contribution in various parts of the medical field and social welfare. He has achieved international fame as a distinguished award-winning writer, keynote speaker, expert panellist, wellness coach, and many more.

Apart from this, he has been awarded many fellowships, memberships, honorary titles, and awards across the world. These include international awards such as the Outstanding Award for Social Change, the Asean Youth Leadership Award, Fellowship at the Royal Society of Health, the Royal Society of Medicine, ISQEM-International Safety Quality Environment Management Association, and others.

Interests of Person

ISQOLS had a long-lasting and positive impact on Dr Lekhi’s career, research, and advancement- in the knowledge of QOL studies.

As a versatile personality, Dr Lekhi has not only restricted himself to the field of medical science and research. He is a passionate person who takes a special liking for cycling, sports, photography, and writing. He believes and takes great interest in the studies of Quality of Life. To him, the field could change the world with the right dedication.

His motto is “I Aspire to Inspire before I Expire” and with this there is a great belief to love and serve all, to help, and to treat everyone with utmost sincerity and equality.

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