Dr Karen Murphy elected to Esteemed Membership in NAEd

Dr Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy, has been elected to the prestigious membership in (NAEd) National Academy of Education. She is currently the head of the department of Educational Psychology, Counselling and Special Education in the College of Education at Penn State. The NAEd is an honorific society comprising of U.S. members along with several international associates elected on outstanding scholarship concerning education.

An eminent professor of education, Dr Karen said, “To be elected to this esteemed community by those scholars whose ideas and writings have been transformational to education is deeply humbling. Professionally, this honor stands as an indication that those scholars I have long admired see value and worth in my theoretical and empirical work. That recognition is an honor.”

Karen Murphy is one of the 18 exceptional education leaders and scholars elected to the esteemed membership in the Academy. The National Academy of Education initiates research in high quality education and the application in policy and practice. Apart from serving on expert study panels that address pressing issues in education, members are also deeply engaged in the Academy’s professional development fellowship programs.

The dean of College of Education, Kim Lawless expressed about Dr Karen saying, “Election to the NAEd is the highest honor that could be bestowed on an educational researcher, and I am thrilled, but not surprised that Dr. Murphy is now joining this esteemed group.”

Dr Karen’s research has driven her in creating Quality Talk (QT) in 2002, a teacher-facilitated small-group classroom discussion method designed to enhance the student’s abilities about critical thinking and reasoning about disciplinary texts.

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