Dr Bhavesh Bhalerao: Leading School Towards Better Learning and Teaching

Dr Bhavesh Bhalerao
Mr Bhavesh

The world is always looking for young people who are fiercely competitive in the twenty-first century.

After learning about the level of competition, parents in this period look for the best schools where their kids may learn and develop the skills and abilities that will help them stand out in the escalating competition.

Additionally, the great principals lead the best schools. The principal is the one who oversees the entire school and implements transformative changes, which enables them to improve the standard of education which helps the schools to raise its reputation.

The aim of every principle is to empower the students to become excellent leaders in society and responsible citizens. Having said that, a principal is a leader that not only lights a spark in the careers of teachers and students, but also keeps an eye on challenges whenever it emerges so that the principals can equip pupils to address problems with absolute confidence.

Dr. Bhavesh Bhalerao, the CEO and Principal of the Indian School Bousher in Muscat, is one of several outstanding principals. Since he joined the school, he emphasizes on providing holistic education to pupils.

As the school’s CEO and principal, he works to ensure that the school’s goal and vision are accomplished through organizing a variety of creative activities that stimulate students’ creative thinking.

We visited Indian School Bousher, Muscat, while scouting for the Principals Redefining School Education for 2023, and had a conversation with Dr Bhavesh Bhalerao. In an interactive conversation he described his professional experience as well as the school’s vision and mission with The Education View.

Slide down and read further to discover more about a well-known Principal.

The Beginning Tale

Dr Bhavesh Bhalerao was born and brought up in Mumbai and completed his qualifications in B.A. B.Ed., D.Ed., M.A (English, History, and Education), Diploma in School Management; and recently completed his Ph.D. degree.

Besides education, he was an advisory director in two schools in Mumbai; later, he was also invited by the Ministry of Israel to present his research paper on ‘Innovation in Education in Israel.’

He is also a certified master trainer at CBSE school and has served as secretary and Sahodaya for two different hubs.

Dr Bhavesh has more than twenty years of teaching and administration experience. With the help of his vast experience, he is implementing various innovative technology in the school. Under his leadership, the school has become one of the most renowned in the Sultanate of Oman region.

Overview, Vision, and Mission of the Institute

When we ask Dr Bhavesh about the institute and its vision and mission, he asserts, “Indian School Bousher is the flagship school in Oman under the aegis of the Board of Directors, Indian Schools, Sultanate of Oman. With great pride, I took over as the principal of this 21st-century institution with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.”

While stating the school’s mission, Dr. Bhavesh notes, “To be a community-driven center of excellence and offer Holistic Learning that comes from within – with emphasis on the academic, physical and psychological wellbeing and proficiency.”

“We are here to provide holistic education to all our students. We have all the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to develop intrinsic passions and motivate to soar high. I, as principal, ensure to fulfil the school’s mission by introducing innovative activities and events to showcase the student’s creative abilities and showcase them,” he adds.

After highlighting the mission, he enlightens us about the school’s vision. He says, “To be the best at what we do: transform children into empowered global citizens and life-long learners through academic excellence and holistic education.”

Continuing with the school’s vision, he states, “We are on the path to building global citizens who are confident and know no boundaries of countries. The discipline policy and the team of facilitators are on constant vigil to maintain discipline and inculcate the core values of being kind, respectful, and responsible. Our tagline is Educate to Innovate, wherein we allow students to explore beyond the textbook, integrate all subjects, find out new facts, and use them creatively.”

Innovative and Advanced Technology

While stating about the innovative technology, Dr Bhavesh asserts, “As the head of the vibrant organization where almost all my facilitators are Google Certified Educators and each session of the timetable by each facilitator is a lesson of innovation and technological advancement.”

Sliding down his statement, he says, “The 3 D Lab is the area where the science learning is advanced when the students see the lessons through 3d videos and comprehend. I have personally introduced motivational Mondays, and Activity oriented learning in all grades, and 3D Print lessons for students to learn advanced knowledge of looking at images in 3D format.”

Overcoming Challenges

After highlighting the innovative and advanced technology, Dr Bhavesh asserts the challenges he came across in his career from the beginning, while highlighting he says, “Challenges are the pathway to learn more and be a leader who shows the way forward. It was a challenge to climb the next step in my academic achievements, but it was taken as a challenge, and I am happy to have completed my doctorate.”

“My institution is growing daily and continues to climb higher and reach higher. I lead my team of facilitators and motivate and encourage all to reach higher.”

“I am also an advisor to many upcoming schools and help them to attain the levels of upgrades,” he asserted.

International Exposure

While mentioning the global exposure, Dr. Bhavesh notes, “I take pride in sharing with you the various programs which expose the students of Indian School Bousher at a global level –

  • MUN – Model United Nations competition at the inter-school level, which will expose our students at the international level too.
  • Debate challenges.
  • Math global tests.
  • Avenir 2022-Global Career Guidance.
  • Indian school film fest.”

Spark of Inspiration

When we ask Dr. Bhavesh about his intrinsic motivation, responding for the same, he postulates, “I always tell my students to stay positive. I meet them regularly and interact with them and their parents. There is a close connection between Students, Parents, and Teachers. Our students are encouraged to participate, question, and excel in sports.”

He states further, “I always feel challenges are the true motivators. Our former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, rightly said – Man needs difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.”

“The major factors that keep motivating me towards my goal are 

  • I am a teacher, and imparting education is the prime motto.
  • My goal has always been to be a leader, and my past experiences have taken me forward in all my endeavours.
  • The support and love of my family and friends.”

A Pearl of Wisdom

While advising the students, Dr. Bhavesh asserts, “I would like to share with the students of the world, not advise, that move forward. Do not deviate from your path of education. The generation of the future global citizens is already bringing changes in the world.”

A Sneak a Peak in Future

After giving a valuable, Dr. Bhavesh divulges the future envision of the institute and states, “My school’s future endeavours are many and far-reaching. We are in the process of giving the best holistic education. We have many sports activities and competitions.”

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