Despite KHDA allowance, UAE school group declares not to raise fees

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The Indian High Group of Schools has permission from the government to raise tuition by up to 3%, but it will not do so for the upcoming school year.

The chief executive of the Indian High Group of Schools, Punit Vasu, announced in a letter to parents declaring to freeze tuition fees for the academic year 2023-2024.


In the letter, Mr. Vasu stated, “We did last year yet again choose to keep school tuition fees as they are this year, maintaining the status quo.” He emphasized that the group was committed to making education affordable.

Mr. Vasu stated, “We strongly believe it is essential to support all of our stakeholders in ensuring they have continuous access to world-class learning without facing the added pressure of an increase in tuition fees.”

Because it is a non-profit organization licensed by the Community Development Authority and Government of Dubai and has three campuses in the emirate, the Indian High Group of Schools has the right to request a fee increase of more than three percent.

End Note

The organization also emphasized its ongoing investments in technology, subsidizing curriculum enrichment programs, after-school activities, and interactive learning panels in all classrooms.

Mr. Vasu said, “We do believe that you understand the board of trustees’ magnanimity and generosity in remaining steadfast in their support for learners and their parents, ignoring yet another opportunity to increase school fees justifiably.”

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