Dayananda Sagar University: A Centre of Pedagogical Excellence.

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

G.K. Chesterton

Education assists the academic excellence, where it helps individuals groom their personalities and society. The development sustains generation to generation as education keeps on changing along with the technological advancements.

In today’s generation, educational institutes provide holistic learning to the students, that help them to gain various advanced skills to disrupt the competition. And the Dayananda Sagar University, a leading university in assisting students with academic excellence, is committed to spreading knowledge in various fields to each person in the country.

The institute not only focuses on spreading knowledge but also wants to be the center of excellence in education, innovation and entrepreneurship, research and training. All these approaches will help them to build the future leader who can serve for national and global needs.

Meanwhile, the institute is also creating an environment where the education system is enriched by creativity, and innovation.

In an inspirational conversational with The Education View, Dr. K.N. Balasubramanya Murthy, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, highlighted the institute’s strategies, future vision and missions.

The Blooming Seeds

Dayananda Sagar Institutions was founded in the 60s and is the brainchild of a visionary person, the late Sri Dayananda Sagar. He was committed to spreading the knowledge to each person in the country, and wanted to transform today’s generation into responsible citizens and professional leaders of tomorrow.

Keeping these foundations in mind, the university commenced in 2014, as a State’s Private University with the approval of the Government of Karnataka.

Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) provides a variety of graduate, postgraduate, and research programs in the following streams engineering, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, biological sciences, basic health sciences, commerce, law, journalism, management programs (Business Administration, Computer Applications and Executive MBA), arts, design, and humanities.

DSU has students from different states of India right from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir. While, stating detailed information about the institute Dr KNB Murthy says, “We have institutional tie up with few foreign universities in the process of establishing more. The relationship with universities is at different levels of maturity as we progress along with work out twining programs and mutual acceptance of credits.”

DSU has accomplished many recognitions during its journey, although under the guidance of Dr KNB Murthy, the institute has been achieved massive fame and also brought many changes in the education pattern of the institute, to have detailed sights of Dr KNB Murthy read ahead.

An Intellectual Enthusiast

Under the collective guidance of Chancellor Dr D Hemachandra Sagar and Pro-Chancellor Dr D Premchandra Sagar from the Mahatma Gandhi Vidyapeeth Trust, and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. KNB Murthy, the University has gained a steady momentum on the track of progressive educational quality.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. KNB Murthy with Dr C Puttamadappa, the Registrar and Deans along with different HODs sets the direction and roadmap for the university moving forward.

As an intellectual enthusiast, Prof. KNB Murthy holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Power Engineering from Malnad College of Engineering, a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1986) and a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, Chennai (1996).

He worked with the New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, the USA as a research specialist in Parallel Computing in August 1998 and January 1999.

Currently, he is a proud member of the Karnataka State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) and a few other institutes. Being a great leader, Dr KNB Murthy also has brought progressive changes through his creative and innovative thinking, and the changes bridge the gap between industry and education.

Prof. KNB Murthy’s extensive background enables him to lead unique and innovative reforms at Dayananda Sagar University. Under his guidance, the university is accelerating excellence in teaching and bridging the knowledge gap between industry and education.

After long-detailed insights into the great leader Dr KNB Murthy, let’s know about how he has maintained the code of ethics (Vision, Mission, and Core Values) of the DSU.

Code of Ethics

As it is always said that there is always someone’s strong vision that drives them towards success, DSU has set a certain vision, mission, and core values, which drives it towards great achievements.

Having said that, Dr KNB Murthy shared the valuable vision and postulated, “Our vision is to be a centre of excellence in education, research & training, innovation and entrepreneurship and to produce citizens with exceptional leadership qualities to serve for national and global needs.”

Although, he also shares the mission of the institute and states, “Our mission is to achieve our objectives in an environment that enhances creativity, innovation and scholarly pursuits while adhering to our vision.”

Sliding down the core values of the institute, Dr KNB Murthy highlights:

  • “The Pursuit of Excellence – A commitment to striving continuously to improve ourselves and our systems with the aim of becoming the best in our field.
  • Fairness – A commitment to objectivity and impartiality to earn the trust and respect of society.
  • Leadership – A commitment to lead responsively and creatively in educational and research processes.
  • Integrity and Transparency – A commitment to be ethical, sincere and transparent in all activities and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect.”

The code of ethics helps the institute to work hard to achieve its goals. Similarly, apart from the code of ethics, there are many other approaches that the institute has adopted to sustain and enhance foreign learning.

Pedagogical Drive- To Enhance Foreign Pupil’s Learning

DSU is a young, proactive, and progressive university which has introduced contextually relevant curriculum, intelligence-based assessments and connecting concepts across domains. The University emphasizes imparting globally relevant skills such as communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. In addition, skills such as cross-cultural competency, social intelligence, negotiation, and influencing are also imparted to succeed in the current globalized world.

DSU has international hostels, faculty with international and industry experience as well as bridge program modules for international students. In addition, some of the DSU faculty have been collaborating with international faculty on joint research projects as well as student-exchange programs.

DSU understands that practices and academic initiatives are crucial in making any academic institute, and being a differentiator, they are creating its brand, identity, place, growth, innovation, and adapting the changes to sustain the international student’s learning.

As a thrust area to excel in International Student’s Learning, DSU has used options under New Education Policy, the flexibility offered under Private University, signed MoUs with chosen partners and started working towards the same. The institute has introduced student study and exchange programs, research collaboration, and options to do internships, projects, and internships.

For International Students’ Learning, DSU has many initiatives. In order to make the learning impactful, they stay filled with a comfortable learning system. DSU is also providing administrative support, world-class infrastructure, courses, boarding and lodging, safety, and local transportation. The university further assists them in accommodation, cuisine, and other necessary assistance to the visiting students for their ease of transition into a foreign culture and environment.

While asserting more about the institute’s initiatives, Dr KNB Murthy notes, “It also ensures professional support for deciding on mode type, and nature of involvement of staff and faculty members who visit DSU, and agreement on modalities of involvement, scope, logistics, expenses, payment, and compensation.”

He further adds, “DSU respects all and ensures through the Code of Conduct that there should no bias, based on race, color, gender, food, and dress are practised, and everyone will have respectful stay and learning.”

DSU has been providing education on a global level. However, the institute does provide administrative support to international students, which has been discussed in detail ahead.

Administrative Modification

International Student Support Centre will provide all administrative support, including documentation, stay, boarding, lodging, transportation, food and cuisine, cross-cultural training, grievance mitigation, and travel- related support. Despite all these, the institute has an innovative and collaborative academic system that caters to the international students learning needs.

Innovative and Collaborative Approach

The institute adopts innovative pedagogy to promote learning, make it more fruitful for students, and encourage student engagement. It starts with their teaching methods, where problem-solving activities are given to students providing opportunities to think differently and work independently. Also, accommodating and accepting multiple perspectives and diverse opinions; Creates an element of curiosity and searching for answers collaboratively, especially for some open-ended questions.

After talking about the collaborative and innovative approaches, Dr KNB Murthy asserts, “International Students Learning Needs are captured, and training delivery will be customized by understanding competency in English and learning ability. Credit transfer will also be given for pre-recognized online courses undergone by the students from MOOCS, which caters to diverse requirements.”

While sharing about the innovative and collaborative approaches, Dr KNB Murthy also shared some cross-cultural exchanges for the students to get an international platform.

Cross-Cultural Exchange Programs

DSU has introduced Student Formal Education Programs and Student Exchange Programs. Also, it provides cross-cultural training programs along with Dos and Don’ts. After sharing DSU’s formal programs for the students, Dr KNB Murthy states, “All the academic programmes offered at the Dayananda Sagar University are curated on the concept of GLOCAL, where the student is groomed in a global demography.”

Despite all these programs, many other opportunities have been listed that provide great experiences to their students.

A Glance towards the Opportunities for the Students

Being the esteemed institute, there are various opportunities for students to experiment and learn different things while progressing in their semesters. A case in point is the ability to obtain a Major and Minor degree within the same duration, with some extra effort from students.

Besides these opportunities, DR. KNB Murthy admits that “A passionate student will hardly feel the efforts of incubations with right participation. The students and faculty have been considered as a part of academic schedules when it comes to transforming ideas into companies.”

He further stated, “Apart from the traditional placement cell, where training and skill development for students are available, we have innovative tie-ups encouraged by industries (e.g., IBM, GE Health care, VMWare etc.) to set up laboratories.”

DSU not only provides the training programs but also leverages the project and research-based learning system.

The Bangalore Advantage – Exploring Bangalore at its Finest

Why do international students come to India? Quality education, extensive global exposure and holistic development are the aspects that matter the most to any international student seeking academic excellence. In that view, to offer international students coming to India a holistic experience of India, allowing them to explore the magnificent city of Bangalore and take advantage of everything that the city has to offer, DSU launched the Bangalore Advantage Program.

The Bangalore Advantage Program focuses on holistic student development by allowing them to explore different career development opportunities. And Bangalore, being India’s faster-growing business hub, has ultimately resulted in becoming a career-boosting factor for many.

DSU aims to chase excellence through this program and provide international students with the exposure that will elevate their life holistically while completing the students’ learning arc.

The program aims to elevate knowledge by taking a sneak peek into the country’s historical places and knowledge hubs. The likes of UB City, Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, British Council Library, JRD Tata Memorial Library and Just Books are some of the highlights of the historical program, introducing ancient Bangalore and India to international students.

Along with this, the Bangalore Advantage Program is curated with respect to the growing needs of international students and was introduced to help international students strive for academic excellence and holistic learning for their careers.

Leveraging Project and Research-Based Study

The institute offers Postgraduate programs in a different mode to assist research-based study. The services of the international faculty are utilized to offer a few online courses as well as project and research internships.

The learning outcomes of postgraduates are far higher so that the University can roll out competent individuals. The inter-national partnerships are utilized to provide research internships and exposure to global work cultures.

Besides all these programs, DSU does provide non-pedagogical programs to engage more engagement, and the list of programs has been mentioned below.

Enrichment program

While divulging about the learning programs of the institute, Dr KNB Murthy also introduced the extra-curricular activities to enhance the student’s engagement and says, “DSU encourages cultural day and festival celebrations of a specific country, Music, dance, singing, arts-related competitions and events are organized by establishing a connect to the field of study to prove that we are living and working in a connected world.”

All these activities led to various notable achievements, which have been listed down.

Noteworthy Honours

  • DSU has ranked number 1 by Times of India in its 2022 for Emerging Engineering Institute, Emerging Engineering Institute for Placement and Research capabilities.
  • It is Nationally Ranked as 10th amongst the 100 Private Universities as per IIRF 2022, apart from 4th rank in the State and South zone.
  • The University is also the Best Emerging B-school for the year 2021.
  • With all these rewards and recognitions, the institute is also renowned for its contribution to the development of the country.

Advancements of the Country

Dayananda Sagar Entrepreneurship Research & Business Incubator (DERBI) Foundation is a Technology Business Incubator aiming to incubate technology ventures and translate ideas into opportunities. More than 100 start-ups have been supported with 22 investments and 80 plus partners, creating hundreds of jobs. The Department of Science and Technology also recognizes this, and a few flagship programs for pre-incubation (PACE), incubation (GALLOP) and acceleration (EMERGE) program are available.

Having said that, Dr KNB Murthy also mentions that “We are also working on a carbon neutral campus through a committee formed by our professors. We also have our own community hours to develop our communities around us. We have an innovative interdisciplinary tech-enable law program to blend emerging technologies into the student life.”

He further notes, “A Bachelor of the Design Program, with an ecosystem that supports innovation and entrepreneurship through not only Product Design and User Experience but also Animation and VFX and Game Design.”

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