Davis College of EpicQuest Education Signs MOUs with Two Chinese Organisations


EpicQuest Education Group International Limited (NASDAQ: EEIQ) has announced the signing of non-binding Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with Urumqi Vocational University (UVU) and Hetu Technology Co, Ltd. The agreements are expected to lead to strong collaborations between EpicQuest Education and the two Chinese organizations.

The MOU between Davis College, an operated college of EpicQuest Education, and UVU aims to facilitate educational programs such as student exchange and dual degree programs, academic and research exchange projects, and faculty exchanges. The MOU will be effective for five years.

Additionally, the MOU between Davis College and Hetu focuses on the development of a project for international students in China to study American undergraduate courses taught by Davis College faculty. The program will enhance students’ English proficiency, provide valuable international academic experience, and lay the foundation for future academic studies at collaborating universities in China or universities in the US through articulation agreements. This MOU will also be effective for five years.

Jianbo Zhang, Chairman and CEO of EpicQuest Education, expressed his satisfaction with the MOUs, emphasizing the company’s goal of internationalization and the potential increase in enrollment resulting from these collaborations.

EpicQuest Education’s strategic growth plan centers around international expansion, establishing its colleges as international service providers of higher learning, and offering globalized learning experiences to students. The company believes that its global collaborations play a significant role in achieving these objectives.

Urumqi Vocational University, established in 1985, is a comprehensive vocational college located in Xinjiang, China. Hetu Technology Co, Ltd., founded in 2011, focuses on promoting international exchange and visiting study programs for domestic and international partner colleges and universities.

Davis College, a private career-training college based in Toledo, Ohio, offers specialized professional career training in various fields and aims to provide marketable skills to enhance graduates’ employability.

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