Daniel Disney: Empowering Individuals to Embrace Change

Daniel Disney
Daniel Disney

In today’s fast-paced world, where information is readily available, and attention spans are fleeting, the role of keynote speakers has become increasingly significant. These influential individuals are sought after for their expertise, unique perspectives, and ability to captivate audiences. From industry conferences to corporate events, keynote speakers have emerged as thought leaders, inspiring change and driving growth in various domains.

Through their compelling stories, personal anecdotes, and impactful messages, they have the power to evoke emotions and ignite enthusiasm among listeners. Their talks not only captivate audiences but also empower individuals to embrace change, overcome obstacles, and strive for personal and professional growth. The transformative power of their words can leave a lasting impact on the lives of those who hear them.

The rising importance of these speakers in today’s world is a testament to their ability to inspire change and drive growth. As thought leaders, they provide valuable insights, challenge conventional thinking, and inspire innovation. Their presence at events and conferences enhances the overall experience, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Keynote speakers have become instrumental in shaping personal and professional growth, fostering networking opportunities, and strengthening brand credibility. As the world navigates the challenges of an ever-evolving world, the wisdom and inspiration shared by keynote speakers continue to shape the collective future.

Daniel Disney is the pinnacle name among these speakers. He is a well-known social selling trainer and sales author.

Driving Desire to Influence Lives

After spending years during his corporate career attending huge industry events and listening to keynote speakers on stage, Daniel had a huge desire to deliver the high level of inspiration, education and motivation that they did. After his business, The Daily Sales, hit 100,000 followers on LinkedIn, a few events approached him and asked if he would share his story and tips as a keynote for their events. Daniel absolutely loved being on stage, and seeing the impact he made on the audience showed him that this was something he was born to do.

The most significant moment he has had as a keynote speaker was the first talk he did after publishing the first book, The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message, where a company flew him out to the US for his first US speaking opportunity and bought hundreds of copies of his book for their delegates. For Daniel, getting to deliver one of his usual high-energy keynotes was amazing, but getting to go then and sign books for everyone was a real moment.

Catering the Individual Needs 

The biggest endeavor for Daniel is bringing a high level of energy and interaction along with actionable stories, tips, tricks and strategies that people can understand, take away and actually implement. He treats each keynote individually, catering his stories and content to the audience to make sure it connects directly with them. He will then bring his passion to the stage to maximise impact on each and every one there.

Daniel believes that keynote speakers should have deep and extensive knowledge and experience in the subject they are speaking on. Not only is this important for the quality of the session, but it’s crucial to them be able to answer questions from the audience. Secondly, they should be confident and engaging. There’s nothing worse than a speaker who is nervous and who struggles to speak to their audience. The last thing is stage presence, making use of the whole stage, interacting with the whole audience and making sure they captivate everyone there.

Testimonies of Excellence

Daniel delivered a big keynote in the Philippines once to a huge global company on maximising impact with social media. Not just during his talk but for the remaining days of the conference, all of the delegates were posting non-stop on social media. The impact the posts made were phenomenal, and within a year of his keynote, the company had added $3 Million in new sales from social selling.

Along with being a keynote speaker, Daniel is also an author, trainer, advisor and business owner himself. He lives and breathes LinkedIn and Social Selling, practising what he preaches and not just keeping up to date with all changes but tracking trends and knowing what’s coming up. He has a strong relationship with LinkedIn and works with companies all over the world to see what is working best all year round. He finds this is not just essential but incredibly valuable to ensure his sessions create the biggest impact possible and help his customers and audiences generate real ROI from what he teaches.

Creating a Different Brand

There are many tactics that Daniel uses in his work. One of them is to spend time deep researching before a keynote. Not just researching the company but the individuals who will be in the audience, and also their customers and industry as well. By doing this, his talks connect at the deepest level possible, allowing the audience to connect with the content and see the relevance and value to them.

Daniel has faced audiences that don’t believe in social media as a business or sales tool or who use older techniques like cold calling and don’t want to change. He loves audiences like this because watching them slowly start to change their thinking and see the opportunity is an amazing experience for him.

He turns these situations and audiences around by sharing his own personal experience coming from a traditional sales background and that he completely understands what it’s like to be resistant to change. He then highlights the opportunity by showing them their existing and prospective customers using social media and presenting all of the many opportunities they’re missing out on the generate results from it.

Creating a More Supportive Society

Daniel spent the first 12 months of his speaking career speaking for free at over 30 events to get as much experience as possible. He learned more in that year than any book or course could teach. He also highly recommends taking feedback from both audiences and from other more experienced (and successful) speakers as well. They’ll often give keynote speakers some of the best advice.

Daniel believes that keynote speakers can contribute to creating a more encouraging and supportive society by leading by example and working together more. He absolutely loves working with other speakers at events, alongside or even on panels. He also loves recommending his speaker network for events, learning from others and sharing knowledge and best practice. Some speakers are too competitive and fear working with other speakers, but according to him, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Daniel is working on creating his own speaker community where speakers can share their tips and experiences and work together to be the best they can be true. His plan is to launch it as a community with added value, including a podcast and YouTube channel where this knowledge and expertise can be shared with other aspiring speakers.

Striving for Excellence

For the first year and a half, Daniel used to get terrible nerves and anxiety before speaking. It always frustrated him because, in his mind, he was always incredibly excited to get on stage and speak, but his body would just shut down. What helped him immensely was going for a walk beforehand and speaking to friends. He also found practice really helpful. The more confident and comfortable he got, the less the nerves impacted him. He can now walk onto any stage, in front of any size audience, and speak without any fear at all.

With the right motivation, guidance and encouragement, people can achieve amazing things. Daniel loved seeing people struggling in their jobs go away from his keynotes and message him weeks or months later, sharing all of their new successes. He once had a salesperson who was struggling for several months. After applying what he taught in a keynote at their company SKO, they were able to hit the target month after month and have gone on to thrive at that company. They even bumped into him at an airport recently and have since had two promotions as well! This is the biggest reward one can get as a speaker and what motivates Daniel to bring 150 percent to each and every talk he does.

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