CyberFirst Schools Awards Organized by Girvan Academy

Girvan Academy

Girvan Academy recently welcomed secondary students from all over South Ayrshire for the CyberFirst Schools Awards.

To bring their CyberFirst Schools Awards to Scotland, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has been collaborating with their regional partner, Education Scotland.

The flagship awards, which were tested in South Ayrshire, honor students for their exceptional performance and creative project work.

Girvan Academy students and staff were eager to showcase their brand-new “cyber lab,” which is a part of the school’s freshly renovated Computing Science department, as proud hosts of the event.

The department’s spectacular renovation is proof that Girvan Academy has been a leader in the field of cyber security education.

“The Cyber First School Awards recognize the outstanding and innovative project work that students are doing in the field of computer science,” stated Jenny Gilruth, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills. Computer science is becoming more and more crucial to education and Scotland’s goal of becoming a digital nation. The Scottish Government has significantly increased funding to encourage more students to study computing science.

The future of our society depends on fields like cyber security. This cutting-edge facility should prepare the kids well to be digital global citizens in the future since knowing how to use digital technology safely and securely is an essential skill for learning and for life.

South Ayrshire Council councillor Stephen Ferry, who oversees education policy, stated: “Our renovation of Girvan Academy’s Computing Science department demonstrates our commitment to investing in this academic area. We want to provide young people with the finest possibilities to pursue a future career in this field if they are interested in cyber security. This is accomplished brilliantly with these awards, which also highlight how crucial cyber security is in the contemporary era.

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