Columbia University Establishes International Education Center in Athens

Columbia University

Greece – The Columbia International Education Center will be opened in Athens, according to Columbia University president Lee Bollinger, with the goal of enhancing the scientific, educational, and research endeavors already underway in Greece. This will be done in collaboration with Greek universities and the Greek university community.

The Ministry of Education estimates that the Center will begin accepting students in 2023.

Bollinger is in Athens as part of a delegation from 30 US colleges that is traveling to Greece to attend the Pharos Summit 2022: Greek-US Collaboration in Higher Education.

Speaking at the Pharos Summit 2022’s opening ceremony, which was organized by Greek and US institutions, was Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

All Greek universities were represented, along with 30 significant American universities. Many of these collaborations, Mitsotakis underlined, had already been decided upon. He went on to say that more collaborations would happen in the future and that he was confident that “there is significant potential for the improvement of academic ties between the two countries.”

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