Colombia’s Agency Met with New Zealand Embassy to improve the Quality of Education


New Zealand’s embassy in Bogota invited delegates from ANEX Colombia and organized a meeting with charge d’Affairs  Michael O’Shaughnessy. The meeting was to build Colombia country relationship that is established with the embassy last year “to support New Zealand and make it an education destination.”

The executive director of ANEX, Marcela Osorio, shared with one of the renowned news channels that, “Now New Zealand is reopening, we will continue in this work spreading its message and promoting its quality education, which will allow training students to gain global profiles, which the world has been demanding for more and more.”

Stating further, she asserts, “For the association, it is essential to strengthening our relations with all countries where Colombians are interested in going in the following countries to study, as these countries have been observed friendly hand in Colombia and the country will also provide additional support for the efforts that promote the international education.”

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