California Water Institute To Conduct Annual Water Boot Camp in Spanish

California Water Institute
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On Friday, May 31 from 9 to 11 a.m. on Zoom, the last day of the California Water Institute’s annual Water Boot camp will be conducted in Spanish. From May 10 through May 31, a four-session water boot camp was offered every Friday. It offered in-depth knowledge of California’s intricate water system. However, the last day of the boot camp will be designed with Spanish-speaking participants in mind.

“A lot of people in Spanish-speaking communities are the most affected by drought and floods,” said Laura Ramos, interim director of the California Water Institute’s Research and Education Division. “We want to make sure that, as they are being affected or as they are being advocates for themselves, they completely understand the issues. What better way to help people understand than in their native language?”

In honor of Water Awareness Month, the California Water Institute has been holding the free online Water Bootcamp series for a number of years. This month is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the need of conserving water, the significance of water as a natural resource, and the necessity of using it responsibly. The goal of Water Awareness Month is to inform people about the different water-related problems that their communities are facing and the steps that are being done. Every May, a number of water agencies throughout the state host educational and public outreach events to increase awareness of these problems.

The California Water Institute is dedicated to promoting inclusion and accessibility in its educational activities, making sure that its programs meet the needs of community members, as part of its efforts to interact with the community in the area surrounding Fresno State’s campus, according to Ramos.

The California Water Institute seeks to remove language barriers and ensure that everyone has fair access to vital water information by providing programs in both Spanish and English. According to Ramos, the California Water Institute hopes to empower and educate the public so that they can all participate meaningfully in conversations about water resource management.

Hydrology, watershed, climate change, surface water distribution, surface water rights, groundwater recharge, groundwater restrictions, and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are among the topics and knowledge related to water that will be covered in the Spanish bootcamp.

“The residents may have heard of these topics, but they haven’t been explained to them in their native language,” Ramos said, adding that the Water Bootcamp was designed as introductory sessions on various water issues to help the public better understand what is going on throughout the state. “Spanish-speaking communities are already impacted by a lot of these things,” Ramos said.
According to Ramos, hearing the terms in Spanish could be beneficial for the participants, even if they are somewhat fluent in English, as it could aid in their comprehension. Following each session, participants will also get a chance to ask questions.

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